Long termers

The caravan park we’re staying in has most of their larger sites for bigger rigs kept mostly together. From speaking to the owners, at least half of these rigs seems to be being used as a home rather than holiday accommodation.

One man is now travelling on his own after his wife passed away five years ago. He has been on the road for 18 years now in total he tells me. A couple I met yesterday have been on the road for six years and she said she never wants to go back to a house. They do occasional house sitting and each time she does it re-enforces to her the woes of owning a house with the constant maintenance, cleaning and expense.

Another couple we met in our first week here has now been on the road for 16 years, they love it and are on their 2nd van now. Their advice is to stay at farms where-ever possible. They also love the wide spaces in the free camping areas or national parks.

Yesterday I met a middle aged woman travelling in a small motor home on her own. She does house sitting all around the country and calls her motor home, ‘a suitcase on wheels’.

Everyone seems to love life their on the road and not many have any desire to see it end. Everyone has stories to tell of places they’ve been and seen, and adventures they’ve had.

I had thought we might have been a bit ambitious thinking 6 – 8 years (possibly even longer) would be the go. But after speaking to so many people I’m realising that isn’t ambitious at all. Time will tell, but I don’t think it’s out of the question that we’ll still be on the road at the ripe old age of 78 (20 years from now).

I can’t wait now to get going. Whilst this park is pleasant, it isn’t on a beach front, riverbank, or edge of a forest. I want to be able to walk out of the van and into nature without having to get into the car. I want million dollar landscapes on my doorstep from my $120,000 home on wheels. I want to get started on this new life. Only 19 more sleeps…..


We had our long range fuel tanks fitted to the Hi-lux this week, so that’s about the last of big pre-take off big expenses.

Paul went into work today and made a fitting to go over the external vents of the air conditioning. It’s an aluminium box which covers the vent and takes the hot air from the air return to the outside. He’s made it in such a way that the hot air is directed outside the annex, and the air that draws into the van is completely separated from the hot external air flow. Hard to explain, but needless to say, it works a treat and without it, having the annex up with the air con running just didn’t work.

Fuji has had a few troubled nights this week which started when a smoke haze blanketed the city a few nights ago. She meowed all night, and continued on for a few nights following. Last night she seemed a bit more settled and even came outside into the annex on her harness for about 1/2 and hour in the evening. That was a first. She looked to be content just to sit in a chair and take in the annex surroundings. Perhaps she understood when we threatened her with the wok at the local Chinese if she didn’t button it!

We’re putting up some additional security for her at the windows by way of net curtains attached on wires top and bottom. We have fly screens at the windows, but we don’t trust them to form a sufficient barrier against her accidentally finding herself with a ready exit. She doesn’t seem to seek an exit, but if one presents itself she’ll probably take it. The curtains will provide a double barrier, each insufficient on its own, but together they’ll provide enough I think. We’ve bought a Felaway infuser for her today. It’s supposed to help cats overcome stressful situations. At a cost of around $100 so I hope it works. Currently she seems to be loving all the windows to look out of, but she’s reverted to being a bit too nocturnal for our comfort. We think she’ll come around and adjust. Time will tell….