Broome, will we go, or will we cancel

The RAC caravan park in Broome now allows a limited number of people to bring their canine companions. It’s a very popular park, and difficult to get a booking there. Once you have a booking the same dates can be secured for the following year.

We have a booking there this year from 9th August to 1st September. Having moved house less than a week ago, we intended to cancel this years booking, but we wanted to do it close to the time so as to be able to secure the same dates for next year. Our plan instead was to spend a month or so settling into our new home, then do a wildflower trip around our south west in early spring.

However, yesterday Paul mentions he’d still like to go up to Broome for some of the reliable sunshine that attracts us back year after year. It’s been miserably cold down here! Damn, I thought, I had been looking forward to seeing the wild flowers. He asked me to think about it. It didn’t take much thought – I’m always keen on caravan trips. An hour of thinking and the answer was yes, followed by a question, “can we tack the wild flower route onto our homecoming journey”.

Paul was up at the crack of dawn today planning the journey. The plan is to leave Busselton on the 5th August and head up the Great Northern Highway to Broome, three weeks of sun and relaxation, then back down the Great Northern Highway to Cue. One night roadside stops each night all the way. Once we get back to Cue we’ll start spending a few nights in places as we leave the main Highway for the wheatbelt area where the wildflowers should be prolific.

Of course, the way Covid and it’s associated lock downs is spreading around country faster than wild fire, our plans have to be subject to last minute changes or cancellation. But all going well we’ll be almost in Broome a fortnight from now. And what a pleasure that’ll be.

13 thoughts on “Broome, will we go, or will we cancel

  1. Oh that weather forecast looks ideal! As we have another weekend of snow, rain and fog and not above 4 degrees, it sounds lovely! All the best for your trip 🙂


  2. You should have the best of both worlds on this trip – a lovely warm holiday in Broome and some fabulous wildflowers on the way home. When we travelled down the west coast in October 2015 we found heaps of wildflowers everywhere.


    1. Thanks Amanda. There’ll be a few long travel days, but the Great Northern Highway is fantastic for big driving days. Being used a lot by mining vehicles it’s kept in pristine condition.


    1. Thanks Peggy. Looking forward to the wildflowers. We’ve had a wet winter so they’re expecting a spectacular show. I’m hoping I’m not to late to find a Queen of Sheba orchid at Tozer’s Bush Camp. They’re famous for them.


  3. Hi Chris.

    What a hell of a decision you lucky buggars. Wish it was us. Yes I can understand with just moving into the new house wanting to settle in first. Life is short & so is nice warm sunny weather so I would do the same & just go for it.

    I am sooo jealous!

    Love Marie


    1. Thanks Marie. Like you said, life is short, and we just never know what’s around the corner for us. I hope Covid Delta doesn’t jump across the border. That’d put a spoke in our wheels!


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