Concluding the Gibb River trip.

We had planned to stay a couple of nights at Parry’s Creek Lagoon at the conclusion of our Gibb River Road trip. However, having heard mixed reviews from various people, we decided to take a look first. It looks to be a peaceful place, with an abundance of bird life, and is reasonably priced. As appealing as it looked to us though, we decided to by-pass it this time, but have earmarked it for sometime in the future when we’re passing by.

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El Questro

Leaving Home Valley Station and heading towards El Questro, our last stop, and the roads hadn’t improved. Just out from Home Valley was the widest, and probably deepest of all our river crossings – the Pentecost. The tourist Bureau had told us when crossing this river, that no matter what happens, do not get out of your car, and she repeated this to us several times.
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The Mitchell Plateau

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare, especially so in regards to the Mitchell Plateau. A place where fiery landscapes are set against cobalt skies, where towering rock faces send pristine waters crashing to the rivers below. A place where secluded gorges hide ancient rock art that tells the ancient stories of our traditional owners.
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Drysdale Station

Before commencing our trip we had decided we wouldn’t risk our vehicle on the road from Drysdale Station up to the Mitchell Plateau. A decision never regretted having seen the damaged vehicles either returning taped together, or worse, on the back of rescue trucks at the minimum cost of $5000 for the rescue. However, the Mitchell Plateau and Mitchell Falls being the highlight of a Gibb River trip for most people was something we didn’t want to exclude. So we investigated options.
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Gibb River Road, Days 4 & 5, Bells Gorge to Mount Elizabeth Station

We had finished breakfast and were packed up at Silent Grove before 7.30am. First stop was Imintji store, where we purchased a much needed small broom and dustpan set, and enquired about camping availability at Mornington Wilderness Camp – all booked out. We should have listened to our advisors in Derby, a realisation that was re-enforced many times when speaking to fellow campers along the way. Everyone who had been fortunate enough to have included it in their itinarary, highly recommended it. Those that hadn’t were like us, oblivious to it until we actually commenced the trip, and then regretted the oversight.We drove on.
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Gibb River Road, day 3 – Bells Gorge.

We awoke early, as one would expect after such an early night at Windjana, and lay in bed until it was light. Paul was getting to be a dab hand at dropping the tent by this stage, so after a quick cuppa and a bowl of yogurt and fruit, we were packed up and on our way.

The roads at this stage of our trip although dusty were quite good, and the corrugations moderate.
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