To read or not to read

There’s always the problem of possibly being seen as an intruder when one writes a blog, or posts thoughts and photos on social media. I came across a fellow blogger’s post recently, and Angela put into words what so many bloggers think, I’m sure. Angela’s post points out that we blogger’s have a love of writing, but no expectation that everything we write will be important enough to be read by each and everyone of you who come across one of our posts.

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The power of one (minute that is)

Ever wondered why it is when you go into some peoples homes, they’re always spic and span. You give your house a thorough clean each week the same as they do, yet the next day your house looks a mess again. I’ll let you into a little secret – the house that’s always clean has someone living in it that uses a super-power. It’s a power we all have, and it’s a power we can all use. It’s the power of one – one minute that is. Never under estimate what a difference just a minute can make.

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A stitch in time

Someone asked me recently what the proverb, ‘A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine’ means. Literally it means exactly what it says. If you notice the seam on a garment or a hole starting to unravel you can usually fix it easily and quickly with a needle a thread. Literally one (or two) over stitches will usually prevent the whole seam, or garment from unravelling.

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All the best-laid plans…

Easter in the south west of WA started out dismally on the weather front. Cold, windy and raining, not ideal weather for the picnic we’ve been promising ourselves.

Today, after a chilly start to the day, the sky’s now blue and the sun’s shining. Yet still our picnic basket sits empty at the bottom of the wardrobe, despite our plans to take both the picnic basket and ourselves somewhere into the great outdoors.

A tooth abscess, now accompanied by a red face all swollen and puffy from cellulitis has me sitting on the couch dosed up with anti-biotics and feeling sorry myself. Oh well, you know what they say about the best laid plans – perhaps tomorrow!

What’s life without a project, or two, or three

Do you ever find yourself feeling time poor. That’s me at the moment. I know one has to have a project, but seriously – I’m not sure if I could count how many projects we’re currently in the middle of.

My  blog posts have been consistently a little to close to home over recent weeks. We have so much happening on  the home front that we’re finding it difficult to spread our wings and get out exploring. 

We’re in the midst of a garden overhaul, all well and truly started now, but at that messy stage in between the old and the new. Our verandah has had two metal supports engineered to take the weight of the roof, and these have allowed the posts to be moved. This will allow our verandah to work as an entertainment patio, but guess what. We started off with plans for one support, this quickly changed to two. The two are now up, and we’ve decided a third is needed! 

Only when all the supports are in place can that project be finished off. The paving will need re-laying. The fence will need decorating, and potted plants will need to be selected and carefully placed. In the meantime, that area too is in a bit of a mess awaiting completion.

The inside is ok, but soon that the bedroom window treatments are being changed. We’ve had them measured for plantation shutters, but they take a couple of months to be made.

All these jobs require waiting in for tradesman to come to measure up, doing our bit to get things ready, and being in when the tradesmen are here. We couldn’t possibly leave them to cope with one pesky puppy without us being here, plus I like to provide snacks and drinks as required.

As well as our projects in and around the house, we both do a bit of volunteering at an aged care place near by. We live only five minutes walk away, so when they’re stuck there, I think we’ve become the logical  couple to call on. We do say no sometimes, but we help out if we can. We enjoy it, but when we have a lot going on at home, it adds to that feeling of being time poor.

I’ve promised myself that sometime between now and this time next week I’m getting out somewhere for a picnic. And I’ve promised myself no more blog posts on the home front until I’ve had a good day out further afield to tell you about. 

Mind you, we did spend this past week end up in Perth visiting friends and family. While we were there Paul went to the footie with his friend Bob, while my friend Di and I went to the casino. That’s a rarity for me, and when I do go, I have a flutter, and usually lose. I had a pleasant surprise this time with a bit  of a win. That’ll help buy some plants for the new garden. 

Thats the joy of blogging – you get to reflect on what you’ve been getting up to. I’m sure there’s many bloggers just like me, who from time to time realise their blog posts are reflecting a bit of rut is developing. Time to adjust our busy home based schedule and stretch our legs somewhere in the great outdoors. Watch this space….

Theme change

You’ve possibly noticed the look of my website has changed. Last week when I tried to publish this post, I had trouble loading it. It was quite a colourful post, with lots of pictures. I contacted WordPress and it seems my existing theme was a bit antiquated, and an updated theme might help in the future with lengthy posts!

As a result I’ve been playing around with new themes, and have decided to go with this one. I’m surprised how easy it was with WordPress to change it over. Not that it’s going to be without any hiccups, I’ve already come up against a few, but I’m working through them. I hope you’ll bear with me while I get used to the new format.

You’ll notice the Broome sunset photo has now replaced our previous photo of our rig overlooking the Great Australian Bite.

The old rig from an old life

Not before time – we sold that rig at the end of 2017. Not only that, the blog has long since evolved from a diary of our ‘life of Riley on wheels’. The blog now is about anything and everything, a real eclectic mix. Hence the ‘OW’ following life of Riley has evolved to be ‘on whatever’, instead of, ‘on wheels’.

I’ve thought long and hard about which photo to use instead, and finally settled on a sunset. Not another sunset I hear you moan! Haven’t we all thought that when being presented with yet another sunset, only to find it’s completely different to all the other thousands of pictures of sunsets. That’s the beauty of sunsets. They’re completely eclectic, with no two the same. I kinda think that suits this blog that jumps from travel, to Mr Tilly, and everything and anything else that sparks my interest to write about.

One of my favourite of Paul’s photos

Next I’m going to try and do something with the categories. They are a mess, absolutely all over the place, with far to many, and double ups that make little sense. WordPress tells me that if I delete a category, all the posts in that category will revert to uncategorised. I hope they’re right. I’m hoping to delete several categories and re-categorise a lot of the posts more suitably.

That’s the plan anyway. Wish me luck!

I’d appreciate any feedback, good or bad on this new format too. So please don’t be shy about leaving a comment below. And in anticipation of a few frustrations as I go through a bit of learning curve – thank you for your patience.