Wasn’t me who needed luck

We did the Zip Line through the tree tops in the Otway National Park yesterday. In my last post I’d said, ‘wish me luck’, perhaps I should have said, ‘wish us luck’.

It was fun, right up until the last landing station. Paul got carried away and forgot to lift his legs high enough to land safely onto the landing station. I think everyone thought his ankle was going to be broken for sure. Luckily it’s not, but it’s very swollen and bruised, and his calf muscle has also sustained some damage.

Currently we’ve extended a couple more days in the camp ground so as to give it a chance to heal. He was given crutchers but isn’t really using them, so we’ll take them back to the hospital tomorrow.

We’re booked on the boat to Tassie on the 20th so we’re hoping it’s healed enough for him to be able to drive by then. It’s his left leg, but as we have a manual ute it’ll get a big work out to manage to tow our rig up and around all the hills and bends in this area. I have towed the rig, and on normal roads I think I’d manage. I wouldn’t try though on these roads. I drove him to the hospital yesterday without the caravan, and that was nerve wracking enough.

The next two days we’re going to be staying at home so as he can ice it, and keep it up. After that, we’ll re-assess. It’s blowing a gale and rainy anyway, so not that appealing for travelling, or doing much of anything else really. So, for the next couple of days at least it’s card games and reading. Fortunately, we enjoy both so it’s no hardship for either of us.

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