Juries back – thumbs down

Less than four weeks into our station experience and we decided it wasn’t for us. We were in it for the experience, but when the experience wasn’t proving to be a good one, we saw no point in slogging away at it for pay that worked out to considerably less than the minimum Australian hourly rate. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t in it to earn big money, we weren’t even in it to earn good money, but we had hoped for a pleasant experience for fair money. Neither were evident.

Not all bad though. Station life was something we’d wanted to have a look at,  so we’ve ticked off that box (even if in this case it’s more a big red cross than a tick), at least we’ve had a snap shot look.

Paul managed to get a few more snaps. The cows, although timid in station numbers, are quite beautiful. I’m sure in a very small numbers they’d make gorgeous pets.

Looking healthy and contented.
Looking healthy and contented.
Yum, lip smacking good 'cow lick'.
Yum, lip smacking good ‘cow lick’.

I had always thought the best sunrises and sunsets were evident over oceans, but  we’ve seen some incredible sunrises and sunsets inland. We were treated to some on the station that makes those over the ocean pale in comparison.

Gorgeous sunrises
And bright sunsets.

We had decided on Wednesday that we would leave. We were going to see out the week-end but it rained Wednesday afternoon, and with rain comes slippery mud, and with slippery mud, the ringers can’t work. So, work was off for Thursday and Friday. There seemed little point in hanging around, so we waited for the muddy roads to dry out enough to allow a safe and sure exit, and we left.


We’ve been enjoying a few days of down time in Mount Isa, which I’ll tell you about soon. I must say, it’s been a treat to start the days with a lovely ‘lie in’, enjoying a cuppa in bed as we peruse the internet. Yes, we’re back to full speed internet and phone cover – what a pleasure!!

4 thoughts on “Juries back – thumbs down

  1. He actually seemed brighter and a bit more positive when Paul phoned yesterday. And he is managing cereal and yogurt now seemingly, so fingers crossed that it’ll last longer than a week or two.


  2. Thanks for your message, BT still trying to sort out my emails, still cannot send out only receive..
    Glad you have moved from the cattle station and carry on with your journeys. Cant believe Glyn wants breakfasts via wiltshire, like you he seems to do nothing for himself. What did he say to Paul on Tuesday phone call. Again he does not seem to be any brighter and if I ring it always seem to be the wrong time for me to speak to him.. Either someone is in the flat or he is eating.
    Hope the GP went yesterday.
    Will contact soon, love Joan x


  3. The last email we received advised you were returning to Delph. I’m sure eventually your next one will come through. Paul has spoken to Glyn a couple of times and will ring him again tomorrow night after we arrive in Katherine. He doesn’t sound any brighter.
    Is Gordon on the improve? I will send you an email, and hope you get it.


  4. Received latest blog but just to let you know I am having probs with my internet and cannot send emails. I did send one the other day but I assume you did not receive it. I have spoken to Glyn on the phone but not yet been to see him. He did say that Paul rang at the end of last week and will be ringing again in the next day or so. Glad you have left the cattle station.


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