Once begun, half done!

We’re currently in a caravan park in Busselton awaiting settlement of our little Summer House. Settlement is due to take place at mid-day tomorrow, at which time we’ll get the keys.

With this years late spring, it’s cool here. Showery and blustery, so not very enticing for getting out and about, especially when we’re pre-occuppied with house plans. We arrived yesterday morning, and immediately went out and purchased paint, mops and other bits and pieces with which to clean, and start preparing the house for occupation.

With that out of the way, and with the weather the way it is, we were at a bit of a loss today as to what to do with ourselves. The house has been empty for years, so we figured it wouldn’t do any harm to go and have a bit of a look at how to sort out the driveway for the caravan, and to have a good look at the garden and formulate a plan.

The rose arch and diosma taking up space needed for our caravan.

One thing lead to another, and before we knew it our pruners were out, and a little bit off here and there soon led to a lot off….. Paul has sorted the driveway, and tomorrow we should be able to back the caravan straight in. It’s still only temporary as all of the paving needs lifting and re-laying, with extended paving for the caravan driveway, but at least our caravan can be parked out of the way of the garage allowing easier access for our furniture when it arrives on Wednesday.

Room now for the van.

Whilst Paul was getting the driveway sorted, I decided I’d do a light prune of the roses and lavender which are suffering from years of neglect. A bit of a light prune led to a bit of a purge on all the seaside daisies, dozens, and dozens of them. They’ve clearly been left unchecked and have been self sowing for years. I uncovered an additional four rose bushes that were literally smothering beneath them.

The garden before I started giving it, ‘just a little trim’.

I’ve left the Margareite Daisies, geraniums, and pelagoniums for now. Eventually, I’ll probably take cuttings of the nicer ones and start them off fresh. But as with all my gardens, it’ll evolve without any definite plan into whatever it becomes. I’ll leave the roses for now and see what they all are.

Garden’s started!!

It’s still a long way from anything that looks anything, but the front garden is now started. My philosophy has always been, ‘once begun, half done’, so using that philosophy we’re half way there. I’m sure in no time at all, it’ll all be looking as pretty as a picture.

Gardening (even though prematurely) – what a pleasure!

And what to do after the gardening – a short drive to Dunsborough  for  a pint and a serve of crispy hot chips with aioli at Occy’s brewery seemed like good idea. Ahh!! another of life’s little pleasures…..

5 thoughts on “Once begun, half done!

  1. Looks great, a little gem. What fun to start renovating your own place and, at the beginning of the summer in the wonderful south west. Look forward to reading more about the renos.


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