Bingo on Celebrity Solstice

On sea days the ship has A Bingo session. There’s a considerable sized jackpot for the last of four games, That will only be won should anyone get a full card within 45 calls.

We’ve played twice despite the high cost. I don’t really know why – I guess it’s because it’s one of the few organised activities on board that reassembles a board or card game, and I love a good board or card game.

It cost $39 US dollars for one board with three game squares, $49 for two, and for $59 you get an additional paper set of three to play on the fourth and final game.

Yesterday the first game everyone was playing for a line. There was one winner who won $147 US. The second game was played for the outside corners. This time there were two winners who shared $177. The third game was for the four inside corners, three winners shared $206. The fourth game for the full square had two winners who shared $235. The full card was won only well after the 45 calls required for the jackpot. You’d have to be really, really lucky to win the jackpot, possibly more chance of winning lotto.

Today there’s a bigger prize for the fourth square, around $1000. One fellow cruiser said that’s at least $6000 on other ships for every session, and bigger again on the final day. The attendance has dropped each day I believe. Probably today, being the last day will see the numbers jump up again though, especially as the weathers grim, and the sea rough, not a good day for outdoor activities.

I’m undecided if I’ll consider playing again today. My sense of sensibility says, ‘don’t do it’. Sometimes I’m not that sensible though, so most likely I’ll play for one final time. ‘Stupid is as stupid does’, comes to mind!

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