Easter – and family

Easter’s almost here. School holidays have started, which means son-in-law, Paul is now on holidays. Alice has also taken leave, and along with grandsons Tim and Josh they will be heading for Busselton/Dunsborough in the middle if this week to camp for a the better part of a week.

You may remember Josh won the Busselton Battle of the Bands earlier this year. As part of the prize, Raksha won a recording, and a paid gig at The Beer Farm, a local micro brewery. The gig is to be on Easter Saturday.

Alice, Paul and the boys are bringing their tent and their dogs down to a local caravan park for four or five nights. The rest of the band and their families are also camping there, so I imagine it’s going to be full on. Hopefully, they’ll be able to snaffle some time away to share a meal with us here, but I imagine it’s going to be rather hectic at the camp ground, so it may not be that easy. We’ll see how it goes, and go with the flow….

I am hoping to grab some time with Tim to pick his brains for some help with my blog. I’m having all sorts of problems with posts not staying in order, side bars disappearing, and categories becoming chaotic. It’s all in a bit of a mess, so I really, really need Tims help to get it back on track. So, watch this space for some family photos coming soon I hope, and hopefully, a much improved blog layout.