Fun on Cable Beach

Don’t ya just love it when several generations get together having fun together and bridging the age gaps. Recently, Kaye and Brian’s daughter, son-in-law and their three children flew up to Broome to join them for a week of the school holidays.

Their days up here were mainly spent either playing in the water at Cable Beach, playing on the sand, or relaxing under beach umbrellas.

Beach handball.

Knowing the temperatures were plummeting in Perth and the South West, to the point of snow falling on Bluff Knoll  added to everyone’s delight, ours included. What a joy to be in sunny Broome.

Kaye and Brian are very warm and welcoming people, and it seems Tanya and her family have followed in their footsteps. We were welcomed into their family fold on the beach each day as we added our umbrella to their two and set our beach chairs beneath.

Our shady spot.

Lots of fun was spent in the water, either on boogie boards, or a couple of hired surfboards, or just having a cooling dip. Time was spent relaxing in the shade of  the umbrellas, either with a good book, or just looking out onto the gorgeous sand, and blue, blue waters that make Cable Beach famous. And lots of time was spent playing on the beach.

Mitch and Granddad playing Muckers (Canadian game similar to quoits)
Great throw Mitch.

Most day’s there must literally be thousands of people on Cable Beach, yet it never feels crowded. Many drive several kilometres down the firm packed sand to find a quieter place, which ensures the numbers on the main beach remain at tolerable levels. Amidst all the umbrellas and beach towels it was easy to find space for games, including a game or two of Bocce, which takes a considerable amount of space.

Mitch lining up a shot.
And checking the line and length.
Mum and Nana watching on.
The champions.

It was a lovely week with lots of fun, and such a pleasure to have been included.


2 thoughts on “Fun on Cable Beach

  1. Love the pics and story. We had such a good time and loved spending time with you both. Keep enjoying the wonderful sunshine and all the great things Broome has to offer.
    ❤️The Jolliffes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a couple f great action shots of Mitch. We found a great fishing spot yesterday – note I said fishing spot, not catching spot, although Paul did catch a small trevally. It’s one of the prettiest spots we’ve seen. Hopefully we’ll get to take Kaye and Brian before they leave.


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