Akaroa – The Giant’s House (for my good friend Toni)

Akaroa Harbou

Situated on a deep harbour just 75 kilometres from Christchurch lies the French settlement of Akaroa. The drive around Banks Peninsula to get there offers some stunning hilltop views with gorgeous bays dotted every which way you look. Once there, you’ll encounter a small village with streets bearing french names, a gorgeous harbour and a veritable feast of things to do, places to stay, and delicious food options. It was one of my favourite destinations when I was a teenager, and remains one of my favourite New Zealand destinations to this day. It’s no wonder it’s a favourite port of call for the multitude of cruise ships traversing the New Zealand coastline.

We’ve walked the streets before, canoed on the harbour, and picnicked in many a park. This time there was something new, something we hadn’t seen before – The Giants House.

The most colourful house and garden ever

Located a short up hill walk from the village at 70 Rue Balguerie, lies what must surely be the happiest and most colourful garden on earth. Full of unique sculptures and incredible mosaics, I’m not going to say anymore. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

A steep, pretty, garden walk up to the entrance doesn’t begin to hint at what awaits
A close up of that grand piano

There were plenty of mosaic seats on which to rest

Circus troopers
Topiary, and colourful flowers – there wasn’t a leaf out of place
Another circus figure (or perhaps it’s the mad hatter)
This one is definitely for my friend Toni. Anyone who knows Toni would think of her when seeing this



Believe me when I say you just have to go to this place. It needs to be on the very top of your list of ‘Must sees’ in Christchurch and the surrounding area. It’s art at it’s most colourful. I have only shown you a snapshot of all that is to see at the Giant’s House. Don’t forget, you won’t regret it – put it on your list. What a delight to visit this amazing place full of so many amazing works of art. One of life’s memorable pleasures for sure!

14 thoughts on “Akaroa – The Giant’s House (for my good friend Toni)

    1. I think it may be relatively new, so it may not have been there in 2011 Amanda. The whole place was absolutely gob-smacking. Apparently the owner/artist does it all with one part time gardener/helper. It’s an amazing place.

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