Stats for Katherine trip 2019

This is probably the maddest trip we’ve ever done as far as covering a lot of distance in a relatively short time. It was tiring, but we enjoyed it. Would we do it again – the distance most definitely, but at least three months would be our preferred time frame. Less than five weeks was just a tad crazy!

For those of you interested in cost and distance details, I’ve put together a few stats for you.

We were away from home for 33 nights in total.

The journey was completed in two legs for each direction, with a stay in Broome to rest before continuing our trip. We stayed for three nights in Broome on the way up to Katherine, and for nine nights on our return trip. We also spent two nights in Kununurra on the way up.

The first leg
The second leg

We were at the farm in Venn for a total of eight nights (Venn is 25 kms south of Katherine.) During those eight days we helped plan a wedding, helped with the decorating, and the catering, and helped with the clean up afterwards.

All other stopping points were for one night only.

The return trip – 3rd leg
4th and final leg

There were 8 driving days in total in each direction with an average daily distance of 513kms. The longest of those days was 818kms – and yes, it was to long! Between 400 and 500 kms is a good distance on WA and NT roads. More than that is too much, less than 400kms and you never seem to get to where you’re going.

The total kms for the entire trip, including all the daily trips when we were in one place for more than a night totalled 9680 kms. The total fuel cost was $2684.

The combined costs for paid accommodation was $819.

We travelled up the Great Northern highway to Port Hedland on the way there. On the way home we came via the coast road for a change of scenery. The distance is virtually the same whichever road you take.

The average cost per km worked out to .28cents. The average cost for accommodation was $26 a night.

So there you have it. – the statistics for an almost 10,000km trip in almost five weeks.

19 thoughts on “Stats for Katherine trip 2019

  1. Al and I drove 925 miles in two days and promised each other not to do that again. Those long travel days are just too much at our age. But sometimes you just have to do it especially for a special occasion. The wedding looked perfect and I enjoyed the maps.


      1. With our recent travels, we did some 8-9 hour days. Al and I agree, we are too old for those long days 😆 and now that our move is behind us, we don’t plan on traveling like that again. 5 hours is ok for us if we’re switching drivers, but 2-4 hours is preferable.


  2. Incredible stats! Well done to you both. It was worth all that driving to be there for that special day! And to enlighten those of us that think it is all just red dirt and rocky outcrops.


    1. There is a lot of red dirt and rocky outcrops. But when you get contrasting blue, blue skies, and in some areas, blue oceans, it is incredibly beautiful. I think the beauty is in the vastness. But as they say, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


    1. Make sure you take longer than 5 weeks to do it. We have done it a few times now, and have taken our time before. There’s a lot to see, and the top end is really beautiful. I’m sure you’d love it Peggy.


  3. Wow, 818kms! That’s a long haul. I think our longest on our half lap a few years ago was about 750kms in a day and we were absolutely stonkered! What a trip you had. Gorgeous wedding pics and no doubt lots of wonderful memories.


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