Fully Opshopened

My daughter, having recently been to some sort of styling course, decided we needed a mother and daughter shopping trip. Before I tell you about the shopping, I’ll firstly tell you what I know about the course that inspired it. Alice firstly had her colours done, and then was taught how to style for her body shape. Next she was taught how to shop sustainably, which in honour of reducing land fill from the rag trade, means either classic good clothing that will last a life time, or/and shopping at re-cycling shops. As she and I have similar skin tones (pink), she sent me her colour swatch and said I’d probably also suit the colours from the summer spectrum.

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Picnic at Shelly Cove

Shelly Cove, north of Dunsborough at the end of Bunker Bay Road, and a visit to Simmo’s Ice Creamery on the way home.

Perth and the south west of WA has had what seems like a never ending winter. Finally, a nice week-end so time to get out into the great outdoors. What better way to do that than in the company of good friends, sharing deliciously fresh, tasty, but simple food at a picnic table overlooking a million dollar view.

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Nannup – the Kondil Wildflower Walk

This 3.3 km circuit walk took us a few hours to walk, not because it was a difficult walk, but because we were on the lookout for orchids. Being a wildflower walk, this circuit is on gravelly soil a good distance from the river. The best of WAs wildflowers don’t seem to thrive, or even survive in the rich soils near riverbanks. The fact that such delicate beauty can only be found in stony, seemingly barren soil is what makes them so fascinating. This walk did have shade trees though and plenty of them. The day was pleasantly warm so the shade was appreciated.

First we we greeted by the tall, graceful stems of several green and red kangaroo paws.

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The Four Aces

I’ve always loved the majestic Karri trees in WA’s south west. They’re within the top twenty tallest trees in the world, and one of the tallest in Australia. I’ve probably driven past the sign post to The Four Aces before, but not knowing what the Four Aces were, I’ve never stopped to look. Thanks to the ‘Experience Nannup’ app, I now know what they are, and knowing they’re four, very tall, very well matched karri trees all in a perfect row – well I just had to go and have a look.

We were the only ones in the car park, so had the short walk circuit (less than 1 km) to ourselves.

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Three days in nannup

Nannup is a small town in the south west, not to far from Busselton. It’s an inland town built on the banks of the Blackwood river in a beautiful forest setting. In the 2016 census the population was 936, but that’s possibly grown a bit now. The town, once depended solely on forestry and farming (mainly beef), is now gaining popularity as a tourist destination, with the town developing a laid back artists vibe.

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Wagin- home of the giant ram.

With the giant ram statue in town, there’s no prizes for guessing what sort of country town Wagin is. You’d be right if you guessed it’s an agricultural town. The township and surrounding farming areas occupies approximately 2000 square kilometres, with a populaton of under 2000. The mainstay of the farming is crops and, you guessed it, sheep.

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