The new caravan has arrived

Last Thursday we headed up to Perth to pick up the new caravan.

We chose all white for our interior cupboards (I think the salesman thought we were a bit boring). We like the way white makes everything look clean and bright, and we’ll fit mirrors to the wardrobe doors and cupboards above the bed so as to make it reflect light even more, and make it look bigger. Our last van was all white, and we never tired of it.

Queen Island bed

We chose soft grey for our bench and vanity tops, and a slightly darker grey for the upholstery.

Small kitchen, with grill, 4 gas elements, a big sink and OK sized fridge

The kitchen is definitely small, but I think we’ll manage.

Seating for two with flip up foot rests (strong enough for Mr Tilly to sit on), and fold out table

The van is 9 feet smaller than the Travelhome, so we’re surprised at how much storage space it has inside. So far it looks to have storage space to spare, but of course we still have a lot more things to add yet – namely clothes and food.

Bathroom with wall mounted washing machine
Reasonable sized shower

We’re still a week or two off having our first try out run in it. Hopefully next week-end will be dry and we’ll be able to head to a camp ground, somewhere that’s dog friendly, and has nice big fire pit.

We have to clock up 1000 kms and then take it back for it’s first service. After that we did have plans for a big winter trip taking us through three states. However we have a few things happening at the moment including Paul possibly needing some major dental work, so I think that trip’s going to be postponed.

Instead it looks like we may be doing a few camp trips closer to home, enjoying some winter camping for a change. Irish coffee around a roaring camp fire after a day of bushwalking with Mr Tilly – well I think that’s going to be more pleasure than hardship.

So, that’s a bit of a look at our new van which we’ll be towing with the Prado. It’s quite a bit different than our 25 foot fifth wheeler with the Hi-lux, but I think it’ll do. Watch this space to see how we go with our winter camping.

37 thoughts on “The new caravan has arrived

  1. There are going to be some wonderful excursions in your new caravan, I am sure! I love the white and grey, and your ideas with mirrors. Looking forward to following along on your trips. Be safe and, of course, have fun! 🙂


    1. It’s a little Daewoo washer. They made them for small European apartments. We’re waiting for some fine weather so as we can have our first trial run. Don’t want our first run to be a wet experience.


  2. Very on trend with the white and grey, Chris. It looks fabulous. Lots of fun kms driving around the countryside. When you do head off for the 3 state trip, will you be heading my way- to the sunshine state?


    1. Not the sunshine state for that trip. The planned trip was up through WA to NT, then down through the Red Centre (haven’t done the centre yet), and into SA to do the Ayre Penninsula. We will definitely get to Qld again though one day.

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  3. It looks absolutely brilliant. I am sure you all will be happy with it. It looks good. Enjoy whilst you can.
    Sorry to hear about all of Paul’s dental problems. Hope all will be successful. Off to London tomorrow for the weekend for the Colonels Review of Trooping of the Colour. Got seats for horseguards parade. Looking forward to it.
    Lots of love to you all. Xxx


  4. Wow looks like a lovely sparkly van, seems to have a whole load of space inside too. White is always good as it makes it look bigger too. Looks great.


    1. Yep. It’s a little front loader Daewoo. I think they were originally made for small apartments somewhere in Europe. It will only hold one queen sheet at a time, but that’s better than having to use a laundrimat.

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