Australian Salmon

The salmon are running, and apparently every fisherman (and probably some women) want to catch one of these. They put up a fight which seems to appeal to the hunter instinct. Reports on the eating quality is varied, but most reports lack enthusiasm, that’s for sure.

Today two different people gave us quite large portions, so I thought I’d better put some research into how to cook it and give it the best chance of being something we could possibly like. The most appealing idea was to cook it Thai style.

We went into town shopping for the right ingredients, coconut cream, coconut milk, Thai green curry paste, and veges of choice. I had the rest of the ingredients necessary. After removing and discarding the skin, bone and all the red meat from the fish, I cut the remaining white flesh into bite sized chunks and poured the coconut cream over it, then set that aside. Next I put some rice on to steam, and made the curry sauce. When the sauce was simmering I added the prepared veges and then the fish in the coconut cream. Once it came back to a simmer I only left it on for around two minutes, then served it up over the rice.

We both really enjoyed it! So, for all the critics of this fish, I’d suggest the above method may change your mind. It’s a strong flavoured, firm fish, so in a curry sauce it was just right.

I’ve frozen enough for another curry, but may try it Indian style next time with tomatoes and yogurt. I’ve also kept enough out for tomorrow night and am going to try coating with breadcrumbs, parmesan and parsley, then will gently fry it in butter and oil,  and make a horseradish mayo to go with it. It’s a very firm fish, so I’m thinking it may be okay cooked this way. I’ll know tomorrow night.

2 thoughts on “Australian Salmon

  1. The australian salmon I’m talking about isn’t the lovely pink salmon. These are a white flesh fish, mainly fished commercially and ground up to use as fish food. Most people consider it unfit for human consumption. It has a lot of red flesh close to the skin which is awful, so you have to remove every trace of that before attempting to cook it. People love to catch them though because they really fight.


  2. Salmon is very nice Pan fried skin side down then turn over to cook the other side and gently remove the cooked skin and place back in the pan to crisp up placing back on the salmon to serve with a lemon/butter sauce.


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