Barn Hill

Arrived here around midday yesterday after a 4 hour drive from the Cape. It was hot when we arrived so we chose a shady site with 10 amp power that allows us to run our air con, which we were grateful for last night. The unpowered sites though are overlooking the beach, and are positioned so as to take better advantage of the breezes, so perhaps it would have been worth it to have taken one of them, especially as they’re $13 cheaper a night. Never mind, this is where we are now and probably will be for the next week.

We’ve been here less than 24 hours and Maurice, whom we shared a few happy hours with at the Cape has also arrived and is camped next to us. We’ve also met up Jack and his dog, Jill whom we were camped next to at Lyndon River, and have been very pleased to once again meet up with Lucy and Wally.

We first met Lucy & Wally at Lucky Bay in Esperance, then again at Bremer Bay, again at Walpole, again in Margaret River and now again here. They are beginning to feel like old friends now, so it was a welcome sight to see Wally at our door this morning dripping wet after his morning dip in the ocean. Guess that’s one really good thing about our little Travelhome, it’s easily recognised, so Wally knew there was a good chance it was us when he’d heard a Travelhome had arrived yesterday. I’d been looking forward to Barn Hill and now with Lucy and Wally here, I’m doubly looking forward to the rest of our time here.

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