Pictures from Bay of Fires, and Pub in the Paddock

After Bicheno we travelled up to the Bay of Fires and camped a night. Gorgeous, but the sand was very boggy so walking on the beach was difficult. For us, beach walks are the main purpose of being at a beach, so nice to look at, but not so great for any long time stays on this occasion. We will give it another try another time, perhaps different tides will compact the beach for better walking.

Bay of Fires.
Bay of Fires.

Next on for our night at the Pub in the Paddock. A fabulous ‘pub grub’ meal at a reasonable price. No new calves to be seen on the way there though.

'The Pub'.
‘The Pub’.
In the Paddock.
In the Paddock.
And us camped there - what a gorgeous view out the back window.
And us camped there – what a gorgeous view out the back window.

We then moved up to Beauty Point on the North West side of the Tamar River and have been here for a week. Kelv has been staying here, so we’ve spent this week with him. We’ve enjoyed his company, and I think he’s enjoyed a week of being looked after by the ‘Jiffy Van’. For those of you who aren’t aware of what a ‘Jiffy Van’ is – Jiffy vans are mobile lunch shops that visit industrial areas in Perth. He’s now had all his clothes washed, and has had a week of home cooked meals, which I’m sure he’s appreciated as he’s been working 11 – 12 hour days. Once a mother, always a mother eh!

The orchard he’s working at is now letting him move his caravan onto the farm so as they can have an older person there supposedly keeping the younger tent back- packers under control. I wish them luck with that, he’s more likely to lead them astray than keep them under control, LOL!!!! He’s moved there today.

Next for us is a visit to Stanley on the North Coast.

One thought on “Pictures from Bay of Fires, and Pub in the Paddock

  1. 1 left clicked on all your photo’s and they all opened up to full screen size and I jus clicked on the back arrow top left to return to the blog
    Marie and I had a ride on a motorcycle/tricycle when we were at Bichino



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