The perfumed garden

It’s a wonderful time in our garden at the moment. The lawn is growing vigorously and needs cutting at least weekly. There’s nothing quite like the smell of new mown grass. The deciduous trees are re-clocked with their new leaves, and the flowers are blooming. The perfume wafting around in the breeze is delightful.

The jasmine is in full bud, all just starting to open

The roses are blooming

The honeysuckle is coming into full flower

Fragrant lemons mingle with the powerful scent of citrus blossom heralding more fruit to come

And our favourite garden perfume comes from our elephants ears. If you try to smell the flower up close, it appears to be almost odourless, but at certain times of day an almost elusive, delightful, floral scent carries on the breeze and permeates the surrounding area. It took us a long time to pinpoint where the sweet scent was coming from. Now we can’t wait for the rather plain flower spikes to appear between the large, glossy leaves, knowing that our noses are in for the most amazing sensory delight.

So that’s our garden in November. For December we have more beautiful perfumes to follow. Our three frangipani trees are just starting to come into leaf, so the gorgeous, sweet smelling, cream and yellow flowers will soon be here too. Gardening has always been a labour of love for me, the colour, the produce, and the perfumes. The garden is surely life’s simplest of pleasures!

7 thoughts on “The perfumed garden

    1. It’s got a long way to go yet Amanda, but thanks anyway. Ive photographed the flowers, but the garden still looks quite immature with to much space between plants. They will eventually mature though and fill out the spaces. At least, I hope they do.


  1. Amazin !!! – I had no idea that elephants’ ears even had blossoms, let alone that they’re scented !
    There’s nothing quite like a garden, and yours looks delightful, Chris. Goodonyer !


    1. They aren’t particularly pretty flowers, but eventually they form red berries. They then droop over and look a bit unsightly. If left alone the berries find the soil and grow new baby plants. They are one of my favourite plants.


      1. I never saw one that’d reached that stage. When my unpacking is over and the chaos gone, I shall come back to you re these ..


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