Progress report

The framework is up for the bottom part of the garage wall. Paul painted it yesterday, and applied a second top coat today.

The carport is being converted to garage.

We’ve received one quote for a garage door, but will get another one or two quotes before we decide who will get our business for that. The bottom part of the garage wall, where the framework is, will be solid, the top half will be done in opaque, as will the garage door.

The bathroom floor, and the shower walls have been tiled, and should be grouted on Monday.

shower walls awaiting the grout, and the shower of course.

The panelling is up on the other bathroom walls too. Paul is painting them this week-end in readiness for the bathroom fixtures to be fitted some time next week. Mmmm, he’s not enamoured with my/our choice of wall at the moment! The boards come primed and ready for the top coat of paint. Unfortunately, all those groves between the panels need the top coat to be cut in with a paint brush – never thought of that when I suggested panelling instead of ordinary gyprock. After the cutting in is completed the rest of the painting can be done with a roller. A day to do the cutting in, half an hour to do the full wall with a roller.

The happy painter
This wall will also be done in the panelling – yikes, the painting – what a job that’s going to be.

The longer panels needed for the bedroom are due to arrive on Monday. Hopefully they’ll be fitted Tuesday. We’re guessing the end of next week should see the bedroom and bathroom really close to completion, and we should be able to work out by then when the flooring and curtains will be able to be fitted.

It’s getting exciting now!

10 thoughts on “Progress report

    1. We probably could, but I think it takes a lot more paint. Once it’s done, it should last a long while. I think if we’d thought about the painting we may have thought twice about the panelling though. It’s not just the walls either – there’ll be four big sliding doors on the wardrobes, plus four small ones at the top, and a big barn door on the bathroom. They’re all being panelled too, but with vertical panelling instead of horizontal. The painting is going to be a big, big job.


    1. I’ll tell the painter that. Me – I’m just supervising. He has his finger taped up now trying to prevent blisters forming. It’s going to be big job. I may help with the lower levels on the big walls though.

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