WA’s hard borders are to be relaxed

Our premier has announced a relaxing of our hard border controls is to take effect on 14th November. We will then be able to travel between all states and territories with the exception of NSW and Victoria, without the requirement for self isolation upon our return. The new freedom comes with a warning – should the virus re-appear Mark McGowan, our premier, will have no hesitation in putting us back into lock down.

We’ve booked tickets to Darwin for a two week holiday in January/February. Our son and daughter-in-law have moved from Katherine to Darwin, so we’re going up to see them, and we’ll get to see Darwin in the wet season. I love a really good storm, but my son tells me I’ll hate the humidity. He’s probably right, but hey – I’ll never ever know, if I never, ever go.

Hope there’s no cyclones.

17 thoughts on “WA’s hard borders are to be relaxed

    1. I think they’re aiming to get the borders open for Christmas, so you may be lucky. I hope so. We’ve been to Darwin before, and love the place. We’ve never been there in there in the wet season though. That’s going to be a whole new experience. I’m looking forward to it.

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    1. We have a house sitter booked. The plan though is to experience the wet. Actually the wet is better than the build up, which is the pre season. It gets really humid then, and often with no cooling storms. The build up is often called troppo season,because they say it sends people troppo.

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      1. It would surely send me troppo. I couldn’t cope with the buildup. Terrential rain I could bear, but I am mystified how they get their freshly mopped floors dry. When it is really humid here, it takes hours to dry the floors unless I put on the fans/aircon.


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