The building inspector does his job

Colin, the builder, has finished for the day. Paul has lugged all the equipment from the carport back into the half finished room for safe keeping. The make shift heavy cardboard door has been screwed into place. Time now for the building inspector to do his nightly inspection.

Every piece of equipment is looked over and sniffed. Anything that was there yesterday gets just a cursory glance, but he takes his time with anything newly added. The tile cutter was new tonight, he spent a few minutes sniffing every inch of that.

Today’s work though was sealed off from his prying eyes as the adhesive is still soft, and the spacers are still in place. Another surprise for him to expect tomorrow night.

Floor tiles have been laid.

I think by the end of this week it’s going to be really taking shape.

8 thoughts on “The building inspector does his job

    1. Thank you for complimenting the floor tiles. It was hard to find some in our little town that weren’t beige, or latte, or coffee, or some other shade of fawn. Obviously tan is the colour of the moment.
      Anything new is interesting to Mr Tilly. He even gives our bags of groceries a once over when we’ve been shopping.

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