Cable Beach sunset cocktails

One of our favourite things to do in Broome is to either drive down the beach as sunset approaches, or to find a table overlooking the beach to watch the sun go down.

A couple of nights ago we managed to get a picnic table in a prime spot, directly overlooking the ramp used for cars and camels to access the beach.

We had our container of ice, a bottle of Bacardi, orange juice, grenadine and a can of soda to add a touch of sparkle. Paul poured us both a cocktail made to a recipe which we made up a few years ago in order to do justice the glorious sunsets in this part of the world. We call it Cable Beach Sunset.

One lot of camels returned up the ramp, and following close behind a line of vehicles returning from somewhere up the beach.

It’s so peaceful to watch the sun descending towards the horizon. A few clouds, or some smoke haze in the sky adds interest, but even without those things, the sky lighting up into a blaze of red and orange as the sun dips over the horizon is always special.

A friend of mine loves tropical beaches with palms, but doesn’t like Broome. She said she was disappointed because there weren’t any palms. I think perhaps she didn’t look closely enough – what do you think?

21 thoughts on “Cable Beach sunset cocktails

    1. We do both. Sometimes it’s nice to be on the grass, particularly when the tides are at their lowest and the beach gets really churned up. When Broome is experiencing the high spring tides the sand gets regularly compacted. We’re currently in the ebb tide cycle, so the access is really churned up.

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      1. You can witness the staircase at several places up the coast, not just Broome. The Mangrove hotel in Broome though does it really well. They have someone playing the didgeridoo as the moon rises, lights out….. it’s very spiritual.

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      1. Not here, but we did an over night camel trek into Pot-shot canyon in Exmouth once. It was fabulous. They don’t do them anymore though as the insurance became to high.


  1. We have experienced those Cocktails and loved them.So glad you are keeping up the tradition.
    Bicardi, soda, grenadine,orange juice its on the shopping list.Would vodka work just as well? Keep havin fun.

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