Last night in Broome – 2019

Day 29 since we left home, and our ninth and last night in Broome.  Being our anniversary we figured what better way to celebrate than with Cable Beach Sunset Cocktails on the beach before heading to a local restaurant for dinner.

Normally we’d drive through the rocks and a kilometre or two down the beach. However,  the sand gets  churned up after several days without  really high tides coming in to compact it, and we’d had a few days with the lower tides.  Instead we parked on the sand to the left of the rocks. I’m not sure if you’re really allowed to park there, but there’s always several cars there as the sun sets, so we figured it’s accepted. 

Two of the camel trains were leaving for their sunset beach trek just as we started sipping our cocktails. There are three camel trains that regularly do the sunset beach trek each night. I showed you the ones draped in gold a few days ago, today’s ones were draped in blue, and red. 

I love exploring around the rock pools at low tide. There’s all manner of things left behind as the tide recedes. One day we even found a small stranded shark waiting for the tide to rise again to rescue him. There’s clearly no better place for a dog to explore than around rocks at low tide, Mr Tilly was like a kid in a lolly shop as he bounded from rock to rock on his long lead.

There’s always something for tourists to do in Broome. On our first trip there many years ago we took an enjoyable sunset cruise on the clipper. Now we just admire it as it sails by the setting sun .

As the sun set in front of us, the full moon rose behind us. And so ended our last night on Cable Beach for another year.

And another holiday concludes in lovely Broome.

PS: if you’re wondering why I didn’t mention our dinner – we went to The Zookeeper’s store, It was memorably unremarkable – enough said!

13 thoughts on “Last night in Broome – 2019

  1. Sorry about your dinner. But from the looks of the photo it was a wonderful anniversary nonetheless. Congratulations to you both. It is actually 34 years today for us too. Our dinner was quite delicious. I had clam pasta!! Delish!


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