Busselton to Katherine, 9th and 10th nights, Kununurra

Again we had a few possible stops in mind for our next two nights. Our plan had been to have shorter days, with one more stop in WA, and then two stops before reaching Kelvin’s farm near Katherine.

The map shows the town of Halls Creek, our first fuel stop. Then a couple of rest areas. We hadn’t planned on stopping at Muluk’s for breakfast, but roadworks earlier in the trip had made it difficult to find the entrance for Spring Creek. We stopped again for fuel at Doon Doon, and considered staying the night there. We had planned to take a look and see if we wanted to stay, or continue on a bit further to one of the free campsites. However, a phone call while at Doon Doon changed our plans. 

I had visited the Dr prior to leaving Busselton for some scripts including some medication for eczema, something I’ve had all my life, but in recent years I’ve had a continuous flare up. The Dr decided to take a few tests but I didn’t expect anything other than what I already knew. The Dr suspected something more. She was right. It seems I have a streptococcus, group G infection, and a course of antibiotics are needed. I wouldn’t normally mention health problems here, but in this case I wanted to show how these things pan out when you’re thousands of kilometres away from the prescribing Dr. I was quite surprised how easy it all was.

We decided it would be  best  to extend the days travel and head into Kununurra, which we did. We found a chemist and enquired if they would accept a faxed script. Yes, they would as long as the original script was also forwarded by mail. I obtained all the necessary details and passed these into to the Drs surgery. Then we headed to the Ivanhoe caravan park and found a site for a couple of nights.

An hour or so after we’d set up the script was ready, so Paul went and picked it up for me.  We could have stayed only one night, but decided a  extra day to catch up with the blog, and swim in the pool wouldn’t go astray. It also meant a day of rest to give the antibiotics a chance to take effect.

We’ve spent some time in Kununurra before, so we didn’t feel we were missing out by not going site seeing. With a long driving day to come, a day of doing very little seemed like a good idea. The next day’s plan is that we’ll drive all the way to Katherine, hopefully departing Kununurra around 6am.

As we’re almost at the border now the daylight arrives much earlier in the day, so it’ll be light before 6am for us to start driving. Once we cross the border though the times will change by 90 minutes. I don’t plan on changing my watch though until after we’ve arrived. We should arrive by mid afternoon on our watches, but in actual fact it’ll be late afternoon NT time. I’ll text ahead and tell Kelv to get the kettle on….

11 thoughts on “Busselton to Katherine, 9th and 10th nights, Kununurra

  1. It has been great following your journey, Chris and surprising to know there is these wonderful oases in the middle of the outback. It’s also great for the country folk and encouraging to know that the chemists in remote areas are flexible.
    It reminds me of when I had to get an asthma medication in the mountains of Norway and wondered if I would have to get the script faxed. No, they could give me the medication without a script! But – I would have to pay the Non PBS price – of course. I paid $130 for one asthma puffer! This was in 2008! I had no choice, as I needed the puffer. Thank goodness we have the PBS here.
    Now, as for the eczema – this is very interesting as my daughter has had some weird flare up of her eczema just recently. The Doctor prescribed an antibiotic too, but the Keflex has given her a case of hives. ( she did get the generic one, which I normally never get). Was your single spots or a larger red area?


  2. These plans can change so quickly can’t they. Glad you were able to get your script filled without too much hassle. Good idea to just rest and recharge too. Hope you’re feeling better Chris.

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