Busselton to Katherine 11th night, Katherine

After two nights in Kununurra we made an early start for Katherine on the eleventh day into our trip. Our breakfast stop this time was at Big Horse Creek, which is situated on the Victoria River.

A wander down to the boat ramp first had Tilly wanting to take a dip. Having seen the inhabitants of the river previously though we kept both Tills and ourselves high above the water line. Paul managed to zoom in on one of the river locals on the opposite bank to us.

Not a swimming companion I fancy

We stopped to watch a couple of locals launching their boat. The skipper jumped in the boat a few metres from the water line so his feet didn’t get near the water. Once the car and trailer had been parked up, the boat was brought alongside higher ground to enable the other two fisherman to step in, again without getting near the water line. Easy, when you know how. I hope people less familiar with the area use as much common sense. The resident across from us, I’m told, is one of hundreds who inhabit these waters. It’s definitely not a river to paddle in!

The river is big, and very peaceful, and the surrounding landscape quite stunning.

A wide, inviting river on a hot day…….. (only we know better)
No swimming today Tills – the croc cage on the opposite bank serves as a reminder
A landscape of Boab trees
And stunning red ranges

This is one of the most beautiful free roadside camps we’ve ever stayed in. This time it was only a breakfast stop, but in 2014 we stayed here for three nights. We had a pressing engagement this time – a son to meet up with whom we haven’t seen for nearly three years, and his fiancee to meet for the first time.

We arrived to a warm welcome at the farm in Venn (about 25kms south of Katherine) around 2.30pm. That was over a week ago now, and already we’re on our way home again. Apologies for the gap in posts detailing this trip – one reason is that internet access at the farm is extremely sketchy, but even if it hadn’t been, we were busy, busy, busy! We had a wedding to bring together. More on that to come…..

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