Accessing Cable Beach by vehicle

Providing the tides are lower than the rocky entry to Cable Beach, it’s relatively easy to access the beach by vehicle. During the season picnics, beach chairs and umbrellas, fishing gear, beach games, and boogie boards will be loaded into cars ready for when the tide is right. As soon as the sea has exposed the rocky entrance to the beach hundreds of vehicles can be seen carefully making their way through the rocks and onto the firm packed sand. Some park up close to the exit, an area that’s usually reasonably crowded. Others find themselves a place somewhere further down approximately 4 1/2 kilometres of beach, usually with sufficient space to feel like they have their own piece of paradise for a few hours.

We’ve seen 4 x 4s, two wheel drive, motor bikes, normal bikes, and trucks down there. We’ve seen cars towing camper trailers, and cars towing caravans, however no camping is allowed on the beach. Although we always choose to go onto the beach in 4 wheel drive, with care, a two wheel drive vehicle can easily get through.

Hundreds of vehicles can be seen making their way back after sunset. Some speed back up the beach, despite the 15km speed limit, others take their time in the dark carefully watching for the big rocks that signify they’re nearing the exit.

Occasionally a vehicle will leave it until after everyone has left the beach, and then get bogged in rising tide. The tide rises fast and with no-one left around to offer assistance, the occupants are left with little choice but to watch as their vehicle gets taken by the incoming sea. I’ve heard of five such instances in the past few weeks. The moral of the story – know the tides, drive accordingly, and don’t be the last to leave the beach.

The beach isn’t scary to access providing one educates themselves as to the tides, and providing one uses common sense. Funny thing about common sense though, it’s not that common, as can be seen from the following photos.

Whoops, two broken axles and two wrecked tyres.

I gather the driver was speeding back along the beach in the dark and hit the big rock just before the exit.

A tow truck carefully made its way between the rocks, loaded up the damaged vehicle, and took it away.

For most, the privilege of finding that little piece of paradise on Cable Beach is worth taking the necessary care needed. For others, well their negligence results in a costly end to what could have been a holiday of a lifetime.

Check the tides, drive with care, and mind the speed limits. It’s not rocket science!

11 thoughts on “Accessing Cable Beach by vehicle

      1. It seems that way! They will learn by their mistakes. Btw, I am loving all your wonderful blog posts. I feel like I am there experiencing the area with you!


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