Friendly Floral Friday

This week’s photo challenge comes from Manja from

Manja is filling in for Snow as Snow is, dare I say it, a little snowed under at the moment.

What a great theme Manja.  Ive chosen to go with wild flowers from around WA. 

12 September 1982 amidst the everlastings in Kings Park

24 thoughts on “Friendly Floral Friday

      1. That is comforting. I was thinking it might be the soil here – you know, some enzyme lacking in our soil that is present over your way. Your corner of the planet is so very special in that way.


  1. Ohh yes! Thank you for sharing such beauties and a memorable moment. The Kangaroo Paws are the first for me. It was Snow who chose Floral as the theme, I’m merely executing her command. 😉 (Oh, the link to my blog above created no pingback. Try to link to my specific post for Friendly Friday instead. Thank you!)


    1. I went in and retried copying a link to your actual post but without success. I’m not very good with technology, and I’ve tried doing what I normally do, which is click to highlight and then click copy. It won’t work for me though in your actual post. Apologies!


      1. Oh, I haven’t heard of this problem before. Well, there is the link to my blog anyway and people can find the post if they really want. 🙂 No worries! And always welcome!


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