The first hiccup

Everything has been going well with the renovations, but as anyone who has had renovations will attest, it’s unheard of to go through to completion without a hiccup. This renovation is no exception. We’ve hit our first hiccup, in fact we’ve hit two.

Fingers crossed that the two little hiccups stay small. We had the flooring booked to be laid this coming Monday and Tuesday. I phoned yesterday to confirm that only two days would be needed. However it seems the ordered flooring has gone astray. A week ago when the arrangements were made, the flooring had, supposedly, just arrived into store. Yesterday I phoned to confirm the days needed would be only two, only to be advised the flooring had disappeared. Tracking indicates it left Melbourne and it arrived into the Perth warehouse. From there it should have been transported to Busselton. It’s not there. Tomorrow the Perth warehouse is going to have a thorough search. I hope it turns up, but it’s not sounding promising.

The electrician was coming today to complete all the electrical work. It was around 11 when he called in on his way to the hospital to get x-rays on an elbow that’s been giving him grief. He hoped to get back later. Fortunately for him (and for us) nothing was broken, so he did make it back, but with half the day gone of course there wasn’t time to finish everything. His hope is to be able to come back Monday, and possibly Tuesday of next week to complete the wiring. However, he informed us, that also may not be possible. He has an appointment in Perth on Friday at the eye department of one of our major hospitals, and it’s possible he may have to undergo a vitrectomy. If so, it’s possible he will be out of action for a short while.

We decided the best thing to do is to postpone the floor in the hopes that the electrician is able to make it back to finish the job (I’m sure he’s hoping he’s not going to need any eye surgery, as are we). We had been hoping to get the ceiling, and the remainder of the walls painted before the flooring went down anyway, and the ceiling can’t be painted until the lights, and fan etc have been fitted. So the floor has been postponed for a week. That should give us time to get the wardrobes completed, the barn door attached to the bathroom, the cornice up, and all the painting complete. I hope the flooring turns up.

In the meantime, here’s a sneaky peak at the progress….

Our toilet has also been fitted, but I’m sure you don’t want to see a photo of the toilet. It’s a rimless toilet, which I’d never heard of. I like the idea of that!

The start of the wardrobes. The doors will be made with vertical panelling for contrast.
The guys checking out the work thus far on the garage. We’re converting the carport to a garage. It used to be a garage, with a carport in front. Our kitchen and one dining room window opens into the carport, and if we block in the windows the room will become a bit to dark. We’ve decided to keep the windows, and opaque panels have been fitted on the sidewall of the garage, plus the sectional door will be opaque. That should still allow the natural light to filter in. We’ll have to be strict about keeping the garage tidy!
I’m not sure if the plan will be clear from this photo. We enter the bedroom off the laundry, which used to open into a single garage. A double garage would have given us a good amount of space which would have allowed for a good sized walk in robe, a bigger room, and a good sized bathroom. But we only had single garage space to work with, so have optimised the space (we think) in the best way possible. The laundry will, in time, be changed to a European laundry giving it a corridor effect. We’ve created a private, little hallway that leads to bedroom area, and the bathroom is off the hallway. Not having the bathroom entrance directly off the bedroom maximises the useable space in the bedroom. We’ve forfeited the walk in robe and have opted instead for two, good sized floor to ceiling fitted robes. Forfeiting the walk in robe meant we could have a reasonable sized bathroom with a good sized shower (1200 x 1200). We’ve also decided the room will be more spacious if we keep things minimalistic. The wardrobes should provide enough storage so as not to need a dressing table.

So that’s today’s progress report – providing the hiccups remain small, the completed project won’t be far away. Watch this space….

7 thoughts on “The first hiccup

  1. This all sounds like a fucking NIGHTMARE ! – the flooring has disappeared ? – what’s WRONG with the suppliers ?
    I want to see the rimless toilet !!!!!!!!


    1. They found it today in the Perth warehouse, apparently wrapped up and hidden away in a corner. So all’s good. The mind does boggle though at how some businesses operate. Now just fingers crossed that the electrician doesn’t have anything to serious.

      Liked by 1 person

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