The home stretch

Dad moved into his new flat on Tuesday. It all happened so fast, and initially he seemed a little shell shocked. He seems be settling in now though, and says he’s sleeping better than ever.


The house sale looks like it’ll go ahead, and our little Yaris has been sold. We’re now in a hire car until we leave, which all going well will be in only nine more days. It’s been like a whirlwind here, but we’re almost at the end now. It’s amazing what we humans are capable of when we set our minds to it. We feel like we’ve been running on adrenaline for so long now, with this house, and not so long ago, our house in Tassie. I hope we don’t collapse in a heap as soon as we get to relax again.

It’s going to feel a lot better going home leaving dad in the flat rather than rambling around in his big old house. He won’t be so isolated, and he’s closer to shops and medical facilities. It’s all strange for him, but I think he’s already feeling it’s a life change for the better.

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