And another good week

A busy week, but a good week.

Carpet has been laid in dad’s flat. Shelves and bathroom cabinet have been fitted, and we’ve started moving dads things in. New cooker has been fitted, and new fridge has arrived and is in place. Removalist is now booked for Tuesday to do the final move.

We’re well on the way with the declutter of the house. The laundry, which is an unusual feature of houses here was holding more than 40 years of accumulated stuff. We’ve managed to whittle it all down by at least a half including taking apart cabinets which have now been tipped. The room looks twice as big. We’ve sorted through heaps of stuff in the house. I’ve lost count of how many tip and charity shop runs we’ve had.

Yesterday had the potential to go completely pear shaped. Dad had a visit from the district nurse scheduled. They won’t give a time, anytime between 9am and 5pm. Dad and Paul had an appointment at the solicitors, the oven was being delivered, and I was hoping to get some grocery shopping done for a dinner party we’re having tomorrow night. A potential buyer was coming at three to have a look at our little car. There was so much potential for everything to go wrong.

The nurse arrived early, and the oven arrived just prior to the solicitors appointment. Paul dropped me at the supermarket whilst he and dad went to the solicitors. The woman took the car for a test drive and is buying it. She’s due to pick it up later this week.

We couldn’t have timed everything better if we’d tried. We topped the day off by going to the local carvery for dinner. The last couple of times we’ve been there it’s been a bit ropey. The food was still very mediocre, but the waitress was so very,very good at her job that she made everything just that bit more tasteful. She obviously enjoys her job, and made the night an absolute pleasure.

Today the potential buyer for dads house came back with his brother for second look. I spent the morning moving things around to try and show off the houses potential. Poor dad, he’s never sold a house before so house presentation is all foreign to him. I think he was getting a little worried that if he stayed still long enough he’d either get taken to the tip or charity shop, or else he’d get washed from top to bottom with either bleach or Disenfectant.

The buyer is still keen and has an appointment with his bank on Tuesday, so by Wednesday we should know for sure. Once his finance is approved then it’ll be up to the solicitors to draw up the contract of sale. We’re hoping the exchange of contracts will have taken place before we leave on the 29th, but that’s unlikely. Solicitors here aren’t known for their speed when it comes to real estate contracts. But you never know, maybe we’ll get a pleasant surprise. Fingers crossed.

I was sure with so much going well a lotto win was on the cards. That though was just pushing it a bit to far and wasn’t to be. Never mind, I’m happy with what our good luck has delivered so far anyway. If everything continues to fall into place, we couldn’t ask for more.

One thought on “And another good week

  1. Hi… Looks like you will make it out this month. Is Glyn reasonably happy about his move. Hope your time there with him is now cruising not bruising. Xxx


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