A good week, including a snowman

Last time I wrote we were very unsure whether or not the decision to return to Australia was the right thing to be doing. It is, it most definitely is.

Good things have happened since my last post, really good things. An apartment became available for dad. Amazing, we’d stopped applying, so this was completely out of the blue. We had applied for this particular apartment at least a month ago. They always notify you within 48 hours if you’re successful – no luck. But the person who had been successful suddenly changed her mind. As part of our soul searching before we made our hard decision to return we had door knocked all of the providers of the supported accommodation complexes, and must have left an imprint at this one. Left us all a bit shell shocked.

Next, knowing we have to get his house sold, we made an appointment for a real estate agent to value the house this coming Tuesday. With only a few days to prepare we’ve gone into head down, bum up mode, full steam ahead, at the big tidy of house and garden. Whilst mulching the front garden I took time out to notify the next door neighbour that dad would be moving and we were preparing the house for sale. She notified a friend that she thought might be interested. He’s looked, and I think he’s going to buy it. It’ll be a win/win for us all if he does. He’ll get the house for a good price, and we’ll get a quick sale. I hope I’m not counting my chickens too soon… Should think we’ll know for sure by the end of the week.

It’s such a relief to know we’ll be going home leaving dad still living independently but with the support he needs. I think he’ll do well in a new environment. A fresh start to give him renewed zest for living.


That’s not all though. The weather turned, finally the rain stopped and the snow started, a really good fall. I built my first snowman.

And since the snow stopped, the sun has been Shining. A good week.

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