A week to go

A week today and we should be on our way to Hong Kong. We’ve done about as much as we can do now, I hope it’s enough.

Dad’s still getting used to things. It’ll take him a while to get used to using the communal laundry etc.

We’ve touched base with the solicitor today, and we’re going to do all the liaising in regards to the house sale, right up to the final signing of the contract. The solicitor will make a house call to get that finalised for the final sign off.

A social worker here suggested dad could have dealt with a move on his own with just the help of a removalist. Seeing what’s been involved, the mind boggles. We’ve done almost everything, and still dad seems to be walking around in a bit of a daze. To deal with it all alone would have been devastating. Although we know we’re leaving him in a better place, we’re still a little worried about leaving him at all. . But I suspect no matter how long we stay here, it’s not until we leave that he’ll find his feet in his new home. Speaking of finding his feet, I’m pleased to see he’s finally using his walking stick. That’ll make a big difference to his stability, and consequently his independence.

We’re going to try and give his kitchen a quick paint freshen up on the weekend. We have been trying to match the paint colour for a couple of spots that needed touching up. We’ve not been able to find a match though, so will give a quick one coat re-paint in the closest match we can get.

Pauls got the flu, so the last few things are really doing him in a bit. I hope he doesn’t pass it onto his dad, or me, and I hope he’s over the worst of it before we fly next Tuesday.

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