Time flies

It’s six years today since Pauls mum passed away. Whilst it doesn’t seem that long ago since she died, it seems like a long, long time since I as working at the tax office. I was still working there when we came over for mums funeral.

I’m sure these past six years must be about the busiest years of my life so far. The floor was being laid in our Duncraig house extension whilst we were over here. When we went home we finished off the decorating. Shortly afterwards I took a redundancy from the tax office, then shortly afterwards sold that house and bought another closer to Alice’s.

We then bought the land at Busselton, and I found a little part time job.

Then another change of house, plus our caravan. Finally we bit the bullet and Paul retired too so as we could start our travels around Australia. We sold the unit and off we went.

Over the course of the following year we did a rather fast circuit around Australia, sold the land and bought and renovated an investment house in Tassie, plus two trips to the UK. We’re almost on our way home from our second trip, and I must say it’ll be great to get back to our caravan and our travels.

All going well, this blog should return to its original purpose, that of recording, ‘the life of Riley on wheels’. Here’s hoping we can relax into a slower pace and a less eventful life for a good while at least. Relaxing beach walks and swims, happy hours at the day’s end with fellow Grey Nomads, leisurely meandering around that big, big country of ours seeing new places and meeting new people, and also hopefully meeting up with old friends also travelling around. What a pleasure.

One thought on “Time flies

  1. Well well well. The life of Riley wasn’t meant to be easy. Perhaps perhaps perhaps you will get back on the road with uninterrupted nomading but funny thing about life there always seems to be a BUT.
    One thing is for sure you absolutely know life on wheels is the life ahead.
    We have clear blue skies and perfect autumn weather no wind just a gentle breeze temp round 22. Yum yum yum. I’m off out into my garden. I have a couple of visitors staying next week so want it all tidy around here.
    See you guys with smiles from ear to ear next week
    Enjoy your last night in UK which you hope is for a while yet. Hope Paul your Dad is now settled and content. A lot to ask of him but with time maybe just maybe life for him will improve too.
    Bye for now. C u soon.. Xxxx


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