We’re home

And where is that you may ask. As they say, home is we’re the heart is, and for us that’s anywhere in Australia. Currently, we’re in an hotel overlooking the Yarra in Melbourne.

View from our hotel room
View from our hotel room

We’re still somewhat jet lagged and our sleeping patterns are a bit out of whack, but we’re getting there. Another day or two should see us right. The Sun/rain ratio here seems to be almost the complete opposite of England’s north. Since we awoke to our first day here on Thursday we’ve had approximately 1 1/2 hours of very light showers, not even enough to dampen the ground. That’s about the equivalent of what we were receiving in sunshine in Manchester, approximately 1 1/2 hours every three to four days were you could actually feel some shine from the sun.

It’s great to be home. Today we’re off to the MCG to watch our West Coast Eagles play against Hawthorn, a repeat of last years grand final, just hope the results are reversed for this match.

Tomorrow we leave for Tasmania. Life’s good.

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