On the road again.

We arrived back into Tassie on Monday to pleasant weather and blue skies. My big sister, Wendy, picked us from the airport and has been a wonderful host to us for the past five nights. It’s been lovely to catch up, and it never ceases to amaze me how long you can live away from siblings, yet only an hour back in each other’s company and its like you’ve only been apart since yesterday. We’ve had a lovely five days catching up.

We’ve had new shockies fitted to the ute, and today have taken the caravan out of storage. We’re currently staying in Deloraine caravan park where we’ll stay for the next four nights.

It’s been a long time between sleeps in the caravan, not since last June. We had no problems with the hitch up, but it’s clear our communication for backing into sites is a little rusty. I’m sure it’ll come back in no time, but today’s attempt was reminiscent of the very early days. We parked up, then I left Paul to fit all the plumbing while I went to the local supermarket to restock the van.

While I was away Paul opened the fridge to find a colony of ants had taken up residence, so first he dealt with that. Then, he connected the water and a the pipe to our loo had become disconnected. So, after dealing with the ant colony, he had a minor flood to deal with. All good now, and really, considering the time the van has been in storage out in the open, it’s not to bad. Now all we have to do is remember where everything is.

Tomorrow is van wash day. I’ve completed a brief spider web removal from the outside. It was looking like perhaps it belonged to the Adams Family. Paul will wash the entire van tomorrow, and then we’ll polish it up over the next couple of days before we head down to Huon.

Early on Wednesday we’ll take the van in for the wheel bearings to be re-packed, then we’ll head down the middle to Huon, probably staying at Oatlands free camp site over night on the way.

Huon is a good distance between our friends in Middleton, and our friends in Magra, so we’ll catch up with both.

Whats after that, we don’t know. The buyer of Pauls dads house has had the necessary building inspections carried out and some problems have been identified. We believe he’s waiting for the detailed report, and some quotes. We don’t know yet if he’s going to proceed with the purchase or if he’ll look elsewhere. We’ve offered to reduce the sale price by the cost of the repair work. We have everything crossed, as if that falls through, we’ll have to go over there to get the house ready to go back on the market.

That’s our first hurdle to get over before we can resume our road trip. Next is the ferry, The Spirit Of Tasmania, to get us and our van across to the mainland. Currently the first confirmed booking date available is 24 July, and first available wait list date is 16th June. Crazy! They’ve taken off their twice daily sailings way to early leaving hundreds of caravanners stranded and facing at least a couple of months in Tasmania’s cold winter. It’s not going to do a lot to boost Tasmanias tourism once word gets out. It’s currently a hot topic in caravanners forums and in caravan magazines.

For now, though we can’t even contemplate booking our fare until we have a reasonable idea that we’re not going to need to go back to The UK. We just hope the availability on the ferry doesn’t become even harder. Winter will almost be over before we get to start our planned two year figure eight trip around the mainland.

Tonight we’re meeting a couple of friends we’ve made here in Deloraine for dinner at the local pub. Then, a long awaited sleep under our own roof. We’re so looking forward to that – windows slightly open on either side of the bed, a good cross breeze, fresh country air! I feel rejuvenated already just thinking about it.

3 thoughts on “On the road again.

  1. Welcome home, good to hear you have settled, it must be lovely getting back to your van after winter in UK. We have just been camping to Guilderton (Moore River) weather is still lovely here. Crazy about the Tasmanian Ferries, I thought the Tasmanian Government were really good at tourism ??? Best wishes, Jill and Mac


    1. Nice to hear from you Jill and Mac. Yes it’s lovely to be back on the road. We hoped to be able to get across to the mainland in reasonable time to take a slow trip up the east coast following good weather. However the earliest confirmed booking on the boat is the 26th July, and the earliest wait list we can get on is the 24th June. Although the boat is government owned, it’s privately operated. There’s hundreds of people here stranded, yet even with a three month back log the operators are saying it’s not viable to put in additional day sailings. I’m sure all the bad publicity they’re going to get via media coverage and word of mouth on the road isn’t going to do much for tourism in future years. Shame. It’s a lovely place, but unless one wants to be an absolute fixed timetable I wouldn’t be recommended any one come here in a hurry, at least not with a vehicle.


      1. That is unbelievable!! Is it because all the Tasmanians with caravans etc, are heading north for the winter? Or is it because your own rig is so large? Robyn, Dianne and I have been going to Zumba classes – it is fun. Robyn is retired now and has more time on her hands. But, as we all do, she misses the money. Mac and I have a VW kombi van, which he has been resurrecting from the dead and it is going well now. I still prefer the caravan as it is so much more convenient and quick to leave home. However, the kombi is fun and we take a tent with us for a larger sleeping area and we get all sorts of admiring comments when we are out in it 🙂


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