Friendly Friday photo challenge – Illumination

This will be my first ever participation in a photo challenge. I’ve been interested many times before – so what’s stopped me in the past? I’m a bit of a dinosaur with technology, and the guidelines for the challenge suggest links, pingbacks etc…. I start reading the guidelines, and suddenly my mind goes into white noise mode, and the thought of participating is quickly shunted to the back of my mind.

This time I thought I’d have go, and I’ll be relying heavily on Amanda from to help me turn the ‘white noise’ into meaningful computer terms. Amanda’s photo prompts come with links to guidelines on ‘how to’ do the suggested things . So here goes, lets see if I can turn the white noise into something meaningful – some of my favourite photos selected after much consideration of this week’s prompt – illuminations!

Sun set through the trees
Avenue of lights to honour our fallen war heroes
Sun set lighting up the horizon in Broome
Organ pipes illuminated in Jewel Cave
Gothic steeples in the Prague night sky

So that’s my photo choices. Once posted, I think I’m supposed to add a link back to my post in the comment section of Amanda’s original challenge. If you’re reading this after having clicked on a link in Amanda’s comment section, you’ll know I was successful……

24 thoughts on “Friendly Friday photo challenge – Illumination

  1. Excellent photography, Chris. I love the glass of wine by the fire. Was that at some wintery destination – I am imagining some cozy BnB is the mountains, but it may be in your home. My old home had a fireplace, ( well a wood heater), which the new owners have since removed!
    Congratulation on blocking out the white noise. These are all really good quality photos. I am a bit envious of your trip to Prague. Was that recently?


    1. The photos are all the work of Paul, he takes some really good shots, and does most of the photography for my blog. The glass of wine by the fire was beside a fire pit (bought from Bunnings) in our new own back yard. The trip to Prague was in December 2015 to see the Christmas markets. They were so magical…. have you seen them?

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      1. Fire pit in the backyard! They are gaining in popularity, aren’t they. I haven’t made it to Prague, not because I don’t want to. It is on the wishlist, but I don’t know when I will get to Europe again. I am a bit busy this year 😉 Well done to Photographer Paul!


      2. We only had three days in Prague. It was while we’re in the UK looking after Paul’s dad. When he was having a good spell we’d try to get away somewhere for a few nights. The Christmas markets in Prague were absolutely amazing – the smells of spices, and pork cooking over wood fires were divine, and with it getting dark so early the old town square was just magical from around 5pm. You would love it Amanda.


      3. My mouth is watering at the sound of the food. I did go to Christmas markets in Germany and Austria some time back, but Prague would be something special. I remeber the convivial atmosphere and excellent food options as well as the cold anf the happy people drinking gluewein! Do they do the mulled wine in Prague, Chris?


      4. Oh yes, mulled wine is a big thing at the Christmas markets. There were stalls everywhere, and all the food was cooked over wood fires. The most amazing thing was the bread doughnut thingies. It was bread stretched thin and coiled around a stake, which was rotisseried slowly over the hot wood coals. Then they rolled the hot bread in a cinnamon sugar mixture. It was amazing, and contributed hugely to the festive aroma of the markets.

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