Lemon Tree Passage – Port Stephens

We’re almost at the end of a week long stay overlooking the beautiful Tilligerry Creek – beautiful some days, but still a bit to far south for great weather at this time of year.

We’ve enjoyed pretty sunsets,

late afternoon over Tilligery Creek.
late afternoon over Tilligery Creek.

and walks along the creek enjoying the tranquility.

Boats anchored on the creek.
Boats anchored on the creek.

We’ve had some lovely happy hours with friends, and shared meals. It’s been lovely to catch up. Paul’s taken on board some of Bruce’s ideas for small improvements to the van, and I’m sure thats visa versa. So, a few minor tweaks to our accommodation are on the horizon.

Pauls given the van a much needed clean, including cut and polishing the roof, and has put a glaze on the rest of the van. The fibreglass tends to get chalky if ignored, particularly on the roof and nose cone, so 6 months in open storage had left it looking worse for wear. All shiny now, looks like a new van. Not all for just cosmetics though. We’re sure when it’s shiny it helps reduce wind drag slightly giving improved mileage, and it definitely reduces dead bug adherence.

When the winds not blowing the water is so calm, like a mirror pond.

Blue skies, blue waters, and check out those mast reflections.
Blue skies, blue waters, and check out those mast reflections.

But, the wind is often up, make it to cold to enjoy sitting out in the evening. We thought we’d caught up to the more pleasant weather, but not quite yet. So, our tentative plans to start meandering up the coast from here are postponed and we’ll again put some miles under the wheels. All the little nooks and crannies of this coast will await our return for exploration at more seasonal time of year. Next stop, just north of Coffs Harbour for a few days, then on towards Queensland. The weather’s looking good north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast, so I think we’ll just have to bite the bullet and get there sooner rather than later.

Tonight we share Wendy and Bruce’s hospitality for the last time in this area. We’ve been promised one of Wendy’s famous cheesecakes, albeit an adapted recipe more suited to being made in a caravan. If you haven’t had one of Wendy’s cheesecakes – well, you’re missing something special. She’s up there with the best of cheesecake maker.

I’m sure we’ll catch up again somewhere further up in Queensland but for now, we leave tomorrow.

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