Update on Paul’s dad

In my last post I mentioned that Pauls dad isn’t doing well, yet tests indicate he hasn’t any medical problems causing his current state.

We received several emails and communications from the crisis team after Glyn rang his emergency buzzer last week and was taken into accident and emergency. He was thoroughly checked – nothing found, and sent home. His Dr made a house call and spent approximately 1 1/2 hours with him – again, all found to be good. My last post was based on these assurances received from the social worker now in charge of Glyn. There was no misunderstand, we have these details in writing.

Four visits a day had been arranged from carers to attend to meals and his personal needs. During one of Pauls phone calls to his dad, his dad became very distressed and pleaded for us to return, saying he feels sick and no ones doing anything. Later that same day, last Thursday he apparently rang the emergency buzzer again. We received a call in the middle of our night, again indicating nothing serious is going on.

Then they tested his blood sugars – dangerously high, and I presume he’s entered into a state of ketoacidosis. It’s very hard for us to get any details from the hospital with privacy laws and phoning from a different country. He’s already suffering stage three kidney failure so goodness knows what further damage this extended time with this serious condition has caused.

We know at this stage he is to be kept in hospital until at least Tuesday. We can’t get any answers as to whether or not they are managing to bring his sugars under control. Nor can we find out if they’ve subsequently had him seen by a renal specialist to check for further kidney deteriorioration. Nor can we get any answers as to whether this has caused additional deterioration to his already compromised leg issues. Why can’t we get any answers, because they keep the identity of people we could be asking a closely guarded secret. Not only that, any information seems to be on a need to know basis, and clearly the next of kin and Glyns only child is way done on that list. That’s if they have a list at all. I suspect things left in the ether have no ability to come back and bite them, and with their constant medical negligence, if any coherant records are kept there would be the potential for them not only to be bitten, but eaten alive.

Why do I say with such certainty they are medically negligent. They sent Pauls dad home in a clearly agitated state seemingly with a medical diagnosis that nothing is wrong. The GP came to same conclusion, yet all the time his blood sugars were soring. Why on earth did they not test his sugar levels. Surely for a diabetic such a test should be as routine as testing his blood pressure when he’s complaining of feeling unwell and presenting in a confused and agitated state.

More useless than an udder on a bull would be an under statement. If it wasn’t for the further turmoil it would create in our lives we would at this stage be instigating legal proceedings. If similar things continue to happen, I think we’re going to feel an obligation to make someone answerable. Polite, and sometimes not so polite conversations get nowhere. I’m thinking that only a law suit could end up with anyone realising Glyn’s medical needs are being severely compromised by extreme negligence.

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