Three days in nannup

Nannup is a small town in the south west, not to far from Busselton. It’s an inland town built on the banks of the Blackwood river in a beautiful forest setting. In the 2016 census the population was 936, but that’s possibly grown a bit now. The town, once depended solely on forestry and farming (mainly beef), is now gaining popularity as a tourist destination, with the town developing a laid back artists vibe.

We came here from Wagin for the final three days of this trip.

After setting up camp we did a walk of the township. It’s not a big main street, but there’s a lot of interesting shops to browse through. One particular art shop had a resident artist in store doing some water colours. The artist asked if I was just passing through, and upon finding out we here for a few days, she told me about the towns tourist app called, ’Experience Nannup’. I’m so pleased she did. It’s fabulous!

With the app downloaded on our phones we settled in to choose our activities for the next few days.

The app was very easy to use, and made choosing activities easy

First we looked at the walking trails. With the river trail running almost adjacent to where we were parked we tookTills for several walks along the path each day. The river slowly meanders down the valley with the tree lined walk track running along it’s banks. A soft, but continuous chorus of bird song accompanied us on every walk.

Next from the app we chose an additional walk for our second day, the 3.3 km walk through the Kondil wildflower park.

For the third and final day, again with the help of the app, we chose another short walk near what’s known as, ’The Four Ace’s,’ four similar tall karri trees.I love the tall karris, so this was a must do walk once I knew of it’s existence.

Nearby to the Four Aces is Barrabup Pool, which also sounded delightful, so we also put that on our list for the third day.

Next somewhere for lunch. We had heard good things about the Whimwood Winery, and seeing their share platter on the ’Experience Nannup’ app, and realising it looks pretty close to an authentic sort of Ploughman’s Lunch, well that just had to be added to our itinerary for our last day too.

Two things in food I’m always on the search for is firstly, the perfect vanilla slice, and secondly, the Perfect Ploughman’s lunch. So many people have fancy share platters on their menu, that sound delightful, but I get cross when they call them a Ploughman’s Lunch. A Ploughman’s should be simple fare, predominantly good cheese, good bread, with only a few other condiments. A cold pork pie or a few slices of cold meat is acceptable, but please – no hot chicken wings, no hot stuffed mushrooms, and definitely no crumbed seafood, that’s not a ploughmans. (And there I am getting on my soapbox again….). Anyway, the much raved about shared board of local produce on Whimwood Estate’s menu, although not called a Ploughman’s Lunch looks like it could be pretty close to the real thing. I have to give that a try.

So that’s our three days planned with the help of the ’Experience Nannup’ app. It made the planning so easy. I’ll let you know how the walks were soon, and also if I found the perfect ploughman’s …..

6 thoughts on “Three days in nannup

  1. Who puts seafood or chicken in a ploughman’s lunch? You and my Moth must have morning tea sometime. He is a big fan of the Vanilla slice! Such an iconic Aussie tea treat! Nannup sounds like a bit of a hidden gem!
    Those Karris are incredibly majestic aren’t they?


    1. I’ve seen some so called Ploughman’s lunches with all sorts of weird things on them. And even one with no bread, really! Call it something else, just don’t call it a Ploughman’s. Nannup is real gem. There are a few good karri trees here in Nannup, but I’m looking forward to seeing the four Aces tomorrow. I hope I photograph them well.


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