The blackwood river walk in nannup

What a fabulous walk! Our campsite overlooks the river so this walk track is accessible only a few metres away from our caravan door. During our time in Nannup we’ve walked Tills along the river bank several times each day.

Such peaceful music to walk to.

There’s evidence of home gardens having been built closer to the river at some point in time. We found a fig tree laden with fruit, and a climbing rose close to the waters edge. Now the only accommodation is high up away from the flood waters when the river bursts its banks. From the markings on a tree there have been some terrible floods here.

Its cool in the evenings so we light the fire and look down into the valley as we watch the daylight fade.

What a pleasure it is to camped so close to such a wonderful walk track. Nannup is less than an hours drive from our home in Busselton, yet it’s a totally different world. Busselton is about the sea, Nannup is about the forest and the river. It’s a place high on our list for return caravan trips, and lots of them. How delightful it’ll be to hitch up and be in this tranquil river setting within less than an hour.

10 thoughts on “The blackwood river walk in nannup

    1. It’s only rained a little since we’ve been here, but we’re in the midst of our wettest October on record. So far we’ve had twice our monthly average, so yes it is a bit damp. Yes, that house was stunning. The gardens terraced almost down to the river bank, the photo couldn’t do it justice. Actually, this area reminds me a bit of the UK. There were little creeks running into the river with stone bridges across them – very English looking. Nannup is known as the garden village, with roses everywhere. You’d love it.

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    1. It’s somewhere we’ve wanted to camp for a long time now. I think it’s only because it’s so close to home that we haven’t done so before now. I’m pleased we have though, it’s really lovely. So peaceful.


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