Silver linings

We’ve been so preoccupied with affairs in England that we’ve barely been aware of dilemmas being faced by friends and family here in Tasmania. It came as a shock this morning to wake to the news of Tassies floods, and apparently all of yesterday they were experiencing a deluge. My sister lives in one of two suburbs smack bang in the middle of Launcestons major risk flood plains. Fifty houses have been evacuated from one of those suburbs. I haven’t yet contacted Wendy to hear if all is okay with her and her fur babies.

I wonder if our own house has suffered any major damage. I know the Meander River near by is flooding, but our house is on high ground so should be safe from river flooding. There is an underground creek that runs under the property though so I guess it’s possible that could rise and become a problem. No doubt we’ll hear if there’s any problems there.

So, the silver linings:

– We came back from the UK when we did. Our caravan would likely have not fared so well in open storage with such a deluge.

– We managed to get on the ferry and across to the mainland. With many caravanners stuck there until July I dread to think how they’ve managed. We’ve heard the Deloraine caravan park was evacuated a couple of days ago.

– We’re above the bad weather and are high and dry at Airlie Beach.

Sometimes you just have to look for things to be grateful for….

As far as England goes, still no change with Pauls dad. He’s still in hospital and no cause for his current fragile state has been found. It’s looking more and more likely that he’ll be  moved to a temporary care facility until he either gets enough strength back to return home, or deteriorates further. I suspect full time care is not far away, but from medical reports he should be able to be coping. Either they’re missing something, or dads just unable to motivate himself. I know he’s very lonely.

We haven’t yet told him the sale of his house has fallen through, or the reason for it. We’re trying to get a plan of action in place first. We’re hoping if the bad news is delivered along with a clear idea of what happens next that the news won’t be to upsetting for him.

I must say its the absolute pits to be in this situation, both for Pauls dad, and for Paul. We can’t go back over there to help again. We’re at an age now where it’s to risky to spend lengthy times in other countries where access to normal health services, available to us here, aren’t available to us there. Plus the logistics, and the financial implications mean further trips to the UK are out of the question. We can’t be on hand to offer up close support any more. Like I said, it’s the pits, and I wouldn’t wish this situation on my worst enemy. But as Kelv kindly reminded me yesterday,  ” this too will pass”. All things pass, good times roll into bad, and bad times into good. Hopefully, our good times will come again soon. Not that things aren’t good now, or at least they would be if it wasn’t for the worries in the UK.

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