One week on…

One week into being a home occupier again, and so far, so good – I think! A few hiccups for sure, the main one being discovering the hot water system needs replacing. We’re waiting for a second quote and hopefully will get that underway later this week.

It’s been a busy week, and we’ve made a start. As our very good friends Wendy and Craig were coming down from Perth to stay last night, we gave one of the spare rooms top priority with a coat of paint.

Brightly coloured walls.
Brightly coloured walls.

The room, by no means finished, looked a bit better, albeit still with the old curtains and the second hand dark furniture still to receive it’s Annie Sloan make over.

A slight improvement.
A slight improvement.

We’re opting for a breezy, white beach decor. Of course, we won’t remain true to any decorating style. We never do. I’m sure it’ll end up eclectic as usual, this time with a mix of a bit Hampton’s understated beach style, a bit of shabby chic, (seemingly which should never be mixed with Hampton’s style) and a bit of whatever else takes our fancy.

Breezy white curtains have been hung in the lounge.
Breezy white curtains have been hung in the lounge.
The dining room curtains are yet to be replaced.
The dining room curtains are yet to be replaced.

We had a delightful time with our first visitors, too much to eat and too much to drink as we chatted away into the wee hours while playing a Canadian game similar, but more elaborate than Newmarket.

This morning we had a typical American style breakfast of home made pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. I used to think the Americans were weird to eat such a combination – until I tried it. It’s not something I’d have often, but it really is a lot nicer than it sounds. I even went a step further and had banana with mine, North Queensland style.

After breakfast a trip down to the weekly, Sunday market, and a look at Busselton’s famous 2.2km long Jetty. Then our farewells said, Wendy and Craig headed back to Perth, promising to return as soon as we both have a free week-end.

After a welcome 24 hour break we were back to it again this afternoon. Paul started on the second spare room, while I started on the Annie Sloan make over of our second hand bedroom suite.

Paul busy changing bright to white.
Paul busy changing bright to white.

It’s been a hard week, but we’re already starting to see a bit of an improvement. I can’t speak for Paul, as I suspect he doesn’t enjoy the topsy turvy house makeovers as much I do. But for me, I’m loving it. A real pleasure.

2 thoughts on “One week on…

  1. It doesn’t look as though Paul is objecting too much. He still has that lovely smile. You are both doing a wonderful job with the decorating.

    Marie xx


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