Settling into ‘a new life’.

Most of the hard work to get the garden into shape is now at an end. With the mulch now on, all we have to do now is keep it watered, and wait for it all to grow.

All planted and mulched, just waiting for it to grow now.
All planted and mulched, just waiting for it to grow now.
Paul taking care of the daily watering.
Paul taking care of the daily watering.
The beginnings of our Lily Pilly hedge.
The beginnings of our Lily Pilly hedge.

Glyn (Paul’s dad) hasn’t shown any significant improvement, and has made the decision that going back to his flat is no longer an option. A care facility has been found for him, and he has moved in on a short stay basis initially. After a month’s stay he will decide if he’s ok with making Neville House his permanent home.

We had so hoped he’d be able to see out his days in his little flat, but it wasn’t to be. All very sad!!

Paul has booked a short trip over to the UK to finalise his flat and make sure his dad has everything he needs initially. He’ll be leaving here between Christmas and New Year all going well. It’ll be a hard trip to make, as we’re just starting to get our new life in Busselton started.

We’re meeting people, and making friends. I’ve joined a women’s walking group who meet for an hour long walk two mornings a week, finishing with a coffee in the local cafe. I gather it’s quite a social group, with regular lunches at local wineries in the district. I’ll go to my first of those on the 30th of this month.

We’ve met two couples in the neighbourhood whom we seem to have clicked well with. The happy hours a couple of times a week that we so enjoyed as part of our life on the road is being continued with the company of these new friends. Two of the women are in the walking group, and one of the husbands loves going out for bike rides. Paul’s managing to get out on his bike often now, and I think they’re planning to get together for some rides soon.

We’ve arranged to commence a four month beginners¬†Tai Chi course, commencing at the end of January. Paul will make sure he’s back from the UK for that, and we’re making enquires about joining the local Bridge club, and the local lawn bowling club. Life is already starting to feel full and lively, and our calendar is close to having very few empty days.

This week Paul is going to get stuck into the remainder of the indoor painting. When that’s finished we’ll have all the major work behind us, and we’ll just be plodding along, maintaining everything and doing the remainder of the work needed at a leisurely, pottering around pace. What a pleasure!

One thought on “Settling into ‘a new life’.

  1. You have done so much in so short a time since being at Busselton, well done you two.
    We shall look forward to seeing Paul in the new year and have a meal together. Not sure when I will have the time to see Glyn. 2 afternoons a week Gordon has his pulmonary rehabilitation sessions which takes until the week before Christmas plus my weekly visits to hospitals and GP visits. Never thought I would come to this. Evelyn is doing ok and hopefully starts school again tomorrow. The mri scan showed that the hole where the fluid escapes from the brain had scabbed over hence making the hole larger. She is one brave little girl.
    Spent the afternoon writing all 200 Christmas cards. Phew. Could you let me have your new address via email, please.
    Lots of love, you are going to have an excellent social life in the months ahead.
    Yours, Joan x


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