Plodding along

It’s been a long time between posts, too long. As always with writing, if too long elapses between posts, time and life seems to all run into one big jumble with nothing standing out as being particularly news worthy. It becomes difficult to pick out the important things.

So, what have we been up to. We’ve had two week-end trips up to Perth for friends parties. Both trips and both parties went off very well. We’ve found a buyer for our beautiful white lounge suite, and we’ve bought something more suitable for the lounge.

Our comfy new Lazy-boy to fall asleep on.
Our comfy new Lazy-boy to fall asleep on.

We’ve bought new Christmas decorations and have decorated the house. It’s not up to our usual overdone Christmas decorating. This time we’ve gone with blues, greens, silver and white, rather than our usual traditional red and green. I’ve never been fond of blue for Christmas before, so I’m surprised how happy I am with this years effort.

All decorated for the silly season.
All decorated for the silly season.

Our garden is growing. The Plumbago is starting to flower, and a couple of the agapanthus have buds on that are just starting to show signs of opening.

If you look closely you can just see the first blue appearing.
If you look closely you can just see the first blue appearing.

There’s plenty of annuals filling the gaps, and most are now in bud. Still nothing much that shows up in photos, but they’re only a few weeks off providing a colourful show – maybe by Christmas. If not for Christmas, then they’ll all be in full bloom to provide a colourful welcome for Paul when he returns for chilly England in mid January.

Nothing to show yet, but soon....
Nothing to show yet, but soon….
Herbs are growing.
Herbs are growing.
The garden opposite our morning seating area.
The garden opposite our morning seating area.

I have found a little part time job as a Food Presenter. I’m only working two days a week on Friday’s and Saturdays at the Bunbury Gourmet Farmers Market. What a wonderful place that is. I’d never been there before I applied for the job. It’s massive and a real foodies paradise. Apparently it supports at least 150 local farmers from the area, and employs over 300 staff. They sell an astounding variety of the freshest of produce.

I’m presenting in the gourmet butchers section. I have a tiny little mini kitchen behind my presentation counter with a little oven, one gas hot plate, a sink and a few cupboards. I cook all manner of gourmet, restaurant quality meats for the guests and customers to sample. I’ve only worked three days so far. It’s tiring, but really enjoyable, and I’m sure there’s no job more suited to me than this one. Cooking and chatting to customers all day, what more could a girl like me want! All the staff seem happy with their jobs, which says a lot, and my immediate boss is very pleasant. I think I’m going to enjoy it there.

While there’s been nothing particularly news worthy to write about, and no trips to new places, life has never-the-less been an un-news-worthy, uneventful, pleasure!

2 thoughts on “Plodding along

  1. Hi Chris and Paul, great to see your next news. Sounds like you are settling in down there. The house looks great and the garden getting established. Safe travel for Paul and a safe return from UK. We might be down your way in 2017 so will be sure to let you know and call in for a cuppa.
    We send you our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,


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