Busselton to Katherine – 5th, 6th and 7th nights, Broome

That head wind that I mentioned earlier hit us as we journeyed from Cape Keraudren towards Broome. Paul dropped the speed down to around 80, but still the revs were high, as was the fuel consumption. We should have had enough fuel to get to Broome easily, but to be safe we refueled at Sandfire roadhouse, and used that as a place to have our breakfast. It saved a second stop later, and with the wind being so strong it was more comfortable to sit in the van than at a picnic table in the open, so it didn’t really matter where we were.

We arrived into dog friendly Broome Caravan Park around 2pm, and were offered what must surely be one of the best sites in the park. Our site was a large grassed site fringed with palm trees and backing onto the big lagoon style pool. It’s a short walk to the ablutions, and very close to a gas barbecue. A passer by stopped to chat to us and commented that our site had to be, ‘the ducks nuts’.

one of the best sites in the park

With the first and longest section of our big trip behind us, we decided a three day rest was warranted. The awning went out, the floor went down, a table came out to go with the chairs, and the stabilisers went down at the back of the van. It all felt very civilised compared with our roadside stops where all we usually do is on pull out our outdoor chairs.

We took it easy for the three days, did some washing and shopping, and enjoyed some sun and warmth. The days started with a walk on Cable Beach, then back for breakfast.

Firm sand for our morning walk

High tide was around 1.30 – 2pm each day, so the best time for us to drive onto the beach was around 2 hours after high tide. We spent the days relaxing, and taking turns to swim in the pool while one of us stayed with Mr Tilly. Mid afternoon, with the tide receding, we drove some way down Cable Beach where we tossed the ball for Tills, and enjoyed some beach time ourselves. Tills is getting good at judging the waves, and loves bounding into the surf between the small breakers to retrieve his ball. He doesn’t swim out of his depth yet, but clearly he loves the water.

The three days passed all to quickly, and tomorrow we start the next section of our journey towards Katherine. We’ll most certainly be back for a slightly longer stay on our homeward journey. I hope we get a similar site. It indeed was the ‘ducks nuts’ of sites!

17 thoughts on “Busselton to Katherine – 5th, 6th and 7th nights, Broome

  1. Broome and the beaches look absolutely amazing. How wonderful to be able to spend a few days just hanging there. It really looks like the Ducks Nuts to me!!


    1. I don’t think you managed to get to Broome whilst you were in Australia, did you? Cable Beach is the best beach I’ve seen that’s readily accessible – ever. Esperance has a similarly gorgeous beach but the water is freezing, and Whitehaven beach in the Whitsunday Islands is stunning, but only accessible by boat.
      I’ve heard that expression- the ducks nuts, before but never used it. It’s obviously tickled a few people. LOL.

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  2. When you manage to get a prime site, it’s best to enjoy and stay for a spell. That’s exactly what we did recently when we snagged a prime lake front site along Lake Superior. It’s so nice to just stay in one spot and relax and rejuvenate.


  3. Hilarious expression though I feel this delicacy would need verification before I would touch it with a barge pole or any creature’s nuts for that matter!!! Lol! It does look serene and relaxing. Did Tilly like it?


    1. It is a funny expression isn’t it. Yes, Tilly loved it. He loves seeing everything that’s going on, and of course he loves the beach. If he were human I’m sure he’d be a surfie.


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