Another year begins

2016 is done and dusted, and 2017 begins. Paul is beginning his new year in the cold of the UK again. He left on the 28th December with the intentions of being over there for 3 weeks. The intended purpose was to finalise his dads flat and all the associated direct debits.

However, only a few days after arriving his dad was taken to hospital with pneumonia. Options have been exhausted and there’s nothing more can be done except for dad to be kept comfortable. He’s been transferred to a hospice for palliative, end of life care, so now it’s just a matter of time.

The waiting is difficult. I gather that although dad is on morphine he’s not resting comfortably. Paul is tired, and struggling, and I’m feeling useless and impotent being so far away. His cousin Stephen is being very supportive, and his other cousin Margaret is due to arrive in Manchester from Portsmouth later this afternoon.

Paul and I had talked about the possibility that this may occur, and had decided it wouldn’t be sensible for me to jump on the next plane and head over there too. So, whilst it’s my instinct to do just that, I’m sticking with the intended plain. Paul’s intended three weeks is most likely going to be extended, but until his dad actually goes we don’t know how much longer will be needed. A difficult time…..

I’m here on my lonesome keeping the newly planted garden watered in the heat of summer. With reticulation restrictions in place it felt like a full time job when we went through a particularly hot spell a few days ago. Thankfully, it’s cooled down again now though, so not quite so full on.

Apart from the all consuming wait, what else has been happening in this neck of the woods. My little job that I started just before Christmas at Bunbury Farmers market was a job that felt like it had been tailor made for me, with the exception of the distance. It’s nearly an hours drive in each direction. At the end of a shift I was finding myself tired, and the drive home into the setting sun didn’t feel that safe. With the addition of losing sleep with worry about dad and Paul, it’s brought forward what was probably inevitable in light of the distance. I’ve decided it’s not practical or safe to continue, so my status of ‘semi-retired’ has reverted back to ‘retired’.

Probably just as well. Number two grandson is coming down to Busselton with all the members of his band, Raksha, next week-end for the Battle of the Bands. They are intending to be down here for three nights and want to use our place for rehearsing. I’m not sure how many are staying here. I gather some have family down here on holidays for at least part of the time, so it may not be all six every night. Josh has indicated it most likely will be all of them for some of the nights. I think it’s just as well that I’m going to be here full time to ensure the neighbours remain on speaking terms at the end of the three nights – I’ve heard the band practicing before! What Josh thinks is an acceptable volume for neighbours is somewhat different to what we think. So, next week-end I’ll be kept on my toes…

Watch this space – photos of Josh and his band coming soon…..

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