Waiting to cast off.

We’ve been on board Celebrity Solstice since just after 11am. Whilst Internet is still available I thought I’d add a little post of first impressions along with some photos. However, I’m wishing I’d packed our laptop. Apologies if the format is a little different and the photos smaller. The IPad is proving a little difficult.

Firstly, our stateroom. We’re on the 11th floor, and whilst in port have a lovely view over the harbour and the Opera House from our balcony.

View from our balcony

Our room is spacious and the bed king size. I had expected the room to be a lot smaller than the on line photographs had shown it to be. What a pleasant surprise, it’s exactly how was shown in the promotion photographs, and feels quite oppulent compared to my expectations.

More than enough room

We were welcomed on board with a glass of champagne, and shortly afterwards were offered an upgrade on our existing drinks package. Offer accepted, and promptly taken advantage of with a G & T each with our lunch, and later whilst on the sundeck, a Peroni for Paul, and Piña Colada for me.

Shortly we will be attending the safety demonstration, but in the meantime our bags have just been delivered, so I’d better go and help Paul unpack.

Must say – from first impressions I think perhaps I’m going to enjoy this!

3 thoughts on “Waiting to cast off.

  1. Enjoy a wonderful cruise, I am sure you will love everything about cruising. I just love them, both Tony and Gordon were happy on our cruise ships. Much love xx Joan


    1. So far it’s been wonderful with one exception – tea. It’s an American line so Tea is hot water with a tea bag on the side. I’m trying to educate them, but Maggie Smith in 2nd Best Marigold Hotel Did it much better than I can. Internet is hit and miss but will try and do an update later, and will photos when we get home.


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