Cape to Cape walk

We’re fortunate enough to have the 135 km Cape to Cape walk located only a short drive from home. The spectacular coastal track winds itself along the Leeuwin/Naturaliste ridge, taking in a fascinating geology of cliffs, caves, headlands and rock formations.

Stunning cliffs.

Starting in the north approximately 13kms from Dunsborough at the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse, the track takes between five to eight days to complete. It finishes at the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse. Sections of the track incorporate some soft sandy beach parts, as well as some steeper rocky climbs and descents. Some sections are easier than others, so the degree of difficulty depends on your fitness level.

Rock Cairns
Amazing coastline.

Our friend and neighbour Brian, has been completing the track section by section on day walks when time allows. Yesterday, Paul, along with another friend of Brian’s, Sharon, tackled the 17km section from Moses Rock to Gracetown.

Towering rocks.

Kay took them to their starting point, leaving home at around 6.30am. I stayed tucked up snugly in bed….. They expected to complete the walk around 11. Kay picked me up around 10.30am with the plan to meet them at the conclusion at the Gracetown general store. However, we had just left when Kay received a call from Brian advising they would take an hour longer than anticipated, a good excuse for Kay and I to enjoy a coffee at Cape Lavender tea rooms.

We arrived to pick them up in good time, passing them with only about 50 metres to go. They were ecstatic, in awe of the scenery they had encountered, and showed no visible signs of exhaustion. Apparently, they followed the coast virtually the whole way. The swells were enormous, Brian reported the biggest he’d seen. Surfers where clearly taking advantage of the the giant waves and whenever they passed good breaks, they were entertained by young (and some not so young) men and women taking their lives in their hands doing what surfers do. Some were apparently doing their best to paddle out to meet the gigantic swells, while others made use of jet skis to tow them out to the swells, and then to pick them up when they either finished their ride, or came to grief, getting pummelled by the following waves. Certainly not for the faint hearted!

Sitting outside the Gracetown general store whilst the walkers relaxed with a well deserved coffee, Kay and I had a chance to also be entertained by the dozens of surfers opposite taking advantage of the spectacular surf conditions. Not so long ago I would have been joining them on the walk. Perhaps one day I will again, but I won’t risk inflaming an old ankle injury until after I’ve done the Gibb River. I was content enjoy the view at the end.

Enjoying a well deserved coffee
Surfers entertaining us.
Sun sparkling like diamonds on the water.

And today – Paul reports slightly sore muscles but nothing that would prevent him tackling the next section. He loved it. Living close enough to be able to complete such an amazing walk a day at a time – what a pleasure!

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