There’s always something different to see when walking on the beach. Here’s some of the things we’ve seen whilst walking on Cable Beach:

Starfish stranded as the tide recedes.
Sea snake waiting for the tide to rise and take him back to sea.
Artistic crabs digging out balls of sand as they make their crab holes.
Forest patterns made in the sand by the receding tide.

Then there’s rocks to walk around:

Rocks and rock pools exposed at low tide.
With the sun setting over the horizon.

There’s planes:

Plane coming into land on air strip just beyond the dunes.

And boats:


And birds:

Birds in the waves.
Taking flight.

And birds flying over boats:

Bird flying in front of one of the small luxury cruise ships.

And then there’s the things we haven’t managed to photograph. Birds circling as they look for fish and then, wings tucked in to create a streamlined body as they dive, whoosh!  into the water trying to catch their lunch. Sometimes they’re successful, most often they’re not. There’s whales, now off Broome’s coast line. We’ve spotted a few breaching and blowing reasonably close to shore.

There’s always something different to see, but unfortunately our current camera isn’t up to the job of capturing some of the images. A new camera is on our list. Paul does a reasonable job with our little Lumix, but when he gets the new camera with the bigger zoom, and all the other whiz bang things it has, I’m sure his photographs are going to be awesome. He has his eye on a Lumix DMC-FZ300, but it’s currently still in research mode – any advice will be greatly appreciated either for, or against. Please feel free to leave your comments below…….

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15 thoughts on “Beachcombing

  1. Stunning beach pictures! I love the one of the crabs. I’ve lived along the Georgia coast in the U.S. most of my life and I’ve never seen a sea snake crawling on the beach! Australia has always been on my dream list of places to go. Thanks for following my blog!


    1. We saw a sea snake catch a fish the other day, that was pretty to watch. The good thing about sea snakes is that although they’re highly venomous, their mouths are tiny. If you put your finger near them you might be unlucky, but generally they’re pretty safe to be around.

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  2. Love the photos of the interesting sand patterns. Nature is amazing. BTW – I’ve been shooting with a Lumix FZ-200 for the past 3 years and the majority of photos on my blog were taken with that camera. I hope to be getting the FZ-300 this fall before we go to the Texas Gulf Coast. The 300 is weather sealed and the 200 is not. I’ve been doing a ton of research on the matter. Google “Graham Houghton” for more Panasonic info and You Tube tutorials. As many times as I’ve considered a DSLR when it comes to the hiking and traveling we do, a ‘bridge’ camera fits my needs perfectly.
    Here’s a post I wrote about photographing birds. Hope you find it helpful!


    1. Wow, that was a wonderful post, and one we’ll go back and look at many times I’m sure. And I’m sure Picasa will be downloaded as soon as the new camera arrives, if not before. Although my blog posts are improving, progress is ever so slow. But you are so right, as long as I’m enjoying the process – keep at it. Both Paul and I are so appreciative of you taking the time to help us out. We had both read that you are using the LUMIX 200, and will be updating to the 300 soon. Your blog on your camera choice, along with your fantastically inspiring photos have been very influential in Paul’s camera decision. Your photos are amazing.


      1. Awe, thank you for the compliment on my photos… work in process. Picasa is no longer available ☹ which is why I finally embraced Lightroom. I can offer suggestions in that department too if interested. But the Microsoft editing program is also fine especially since you’re in the learning phase. Photography is a fun hobby especially for those of us that travel. I find between the photos and the blog, I have purpose. I have a tendency to want to explore more things so I have blog material. And I’ve become so much computer savvy since blogging (BTW I think you and I are the same age 😀) and this computer stuff can be overwhelming and frustrating at our age!


      2. Paul informed me after he read what I’d written that we can adjust things like sloping horizons using the photo editing on Apple. We play around with it for cropping, and lightening, but hadn’t previously tried straightening an horizon line. We’ve now tried it, and successfully. I agree with you about how blogging and photography gives so much more purpose to all our travels, and life in general. If we’ve run out of interesting things to post, you’re so right – it sends us out on a mission doing something so as we have photos and something to write about. Life is so much more interesting because of it.

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      3. Well, looks like I’m about 3 years younger 😄 Hubby is a few years older, which I don’t let him forget.
        Get comfortable with that editing program and all it can do. All photos need some editing. Took me a while to learn. Lots of great blogs and free You Tube videos on photography advice. A couple of my favorites are based in Australia.


      4. Would you mind letting me know the good photography blogs please Ingrid. Paul was really interested in photography when we first met nearly 40 years ago. The commitments of a ready made family sent that out the window, and it’s only now the interest’s being re-kindled. Any help will be appreciated. Paul’s now realised he can adjust things like horizon levels with the existing Apple editing, which is, to be honest, something we’d not even noticed. We’ll be going through the blog soon and editing some of the photos, and will be paying more attention to those details in the future. If you notice anything you think could easily be edited on our photos for improvement, we’d really appreciate the advice – you can be brutally honest and forthright – promise!


      5. Hi Chris, hubby and I just returned from a little get away where we weren’t connected. Let me gather some info and I’ll send you an email in the next couple of days with links. Photography is such a great hobby and once you have the equipment, it doesn’t cost much. Will be in touch 😃

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