An eRa ends

We farewelled our son and daughter-in-law, then packed up the caravan and said what we know will be our own final farewell to Broome from a caravaner’s prospective. Five days later we were home. It took us two days to get the caravan completely emptied and cleaned up. Five days more and the caravan was sold, and so that era in our lives has come to an end.

This blog started so as to record our full time caravan travels when we set off from Perth in 2014 with the intentions of living on the road for many, many years. begun with the ‘ow’ being an acronym for ‘on wheels’. It seems the universe had other plans for us, and after several unplanned interruptions to our journey we rejoined traditional house living late in 2016. The blog morphed from its intended travel journal into being virtually a diary in which to record our travels, our home renovations, and all manner of other things. The ‘ow’ in, changed from ‘on wheels’ to being an acronym for ‘on whatever’. I wrote on whatever inspired me to write. Of late I’ve been finding less and less inspiration to write about anything. So I’ve been pondering, what next for my little blog?

I enjoy blogging from time to time. Sometimes the desire to have something to write about will encourage me to get out of my comfy chair and get out exploring the great outdoors just so as I’ll have something to write about. When I’m out exploring I take more notice of my surroundings knowing I’m going to be writing about my experience. Anticipating writing enhances all my senses. If I know I’m going to write about something I tend to see, hear, feel smell, and taste with much more awareness than I otherwise would.

I’m not sure which direction this blog will go now, but I think it’ll find a new direction. Perhaps it’ll showcase more of our beautiful south west. Being surrounded by all the Margaret River wineries, restaurants, picnic areas, beaches, and glorious outdoor walking trails, there’s plenty to write about. Perhaps I’ll seek out more of the ‘dog friendly’ local places to review. And as we’re now intending to fly to our holiday destinations we’ll have a whole new holiday experiences to review and record. I know I’ll continue to write, and I know I’ll continue to write ‘on whatever’ takes my fancy. I’d kinda like to develop a set theme, but somehow I don’t think that’ll happen. The blog will probably just continue on its merry way, just as eclectic and erratic as I am. One things for sure though which ever direction it takes won’t include caravan wheels any more. That era was great, but for us, it’s now a by-gone error. For this blog, a new life awaits….

8 thoughts on “An eRa ends

  1. It sounds like you have reached a turning point in your life and blog, too, Chris. I am glad to read that you will continue blogging however, and writing. Blogging gets under your skin and like my blog, the writing and the blog itself evolves – and is dynamic!
    Looking forward to reading more about your airborne travels. Have you planned the next trip?


    1. We have a week booked next May at Tanjung Sari in Sanur next May. We’ve only been to Bali once, and we stayed in Kuta on that occasion. We hated it, but we’ll be going with a different mindset this time, and the of course, a different area in Bali.


  2. Life is full of changes isn’t it Chris and we never quite know what’s around the corner. I’m so grateful we got to meet up during your caravan travels. Best wishes to you both in the future, wherever your journeys take you. I’m sure, whether you’re flying or driving, you’ll find plenty to write about. Have fun! 😊


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